Coding Fun Html I Paid Animators on FIVERR To Finish My Cartoon…

I Paid Animators on FIVERR To Finish My Cartoon…

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25 thoughts on “I Paid Animators on FIVERR To Finish My Cartoon…”

  1. Farheen Gul says:

    How to make 3D Animatiins ?

  2. hejMALIBU says:

    Your avatar looks like one from,, Bóg mouth,,

  3. Retl says:

    The end sequence was actually really creative!

  4. Milly Woods says:

    I was actually watching this while drawing on my Kamvas Pro 16 c:

  5. Herald says:

    sometimes i thought these freelancers overworked themselves with low prices and fast paced time to finish the project

  6. Tristan Carr says:

    Jazza I was wondering if you could draw me a cartoon avatar for me?

  7. William Sims says:

    Hello Jazza! Do you do voice over work? I'm making a snake girl gang game and your talent in narrating a snake girl gang member was spot on. You must do it for free and I need $353 to hire the 3D artist. Thanks!

  8. Dhafa Ardian says:

    I was also thinking to name the snake Jeff before you said it 😮

  9. Dang they totally ripped you off. The couch wild card was pretty good though.

  10. I would have done much better. ;D

  11. Mac Kenner says:

    Why was this garbage recommended to me? Why is this getting so many views lmao

  12. Fire Brine says:

    Don't ever do that lip thing again please and thank you

  13. Ray Torres says:

    nobody at all

    jazzas piece of hair- •_•

  14. Lauren Bee says:

    This is an excellent example of why good art and animation doesn't come cheap. To the people in the comments who are angry about the quality of the animation Jazza received – he commissioned it…. on fiverr. I think he knew what he was going to get for $200 and seven days of work.

  15. Lyls H says:

    Jazza, I’d support your inner Jasmine. 10/10 Will subscribe to the Jasmine and Jeff beauty channel… or Jazza and Jeff 👀.

  16. Dan Wandin says:

    You paid 2 grand for trash. It seems fiverr has an abundance of thieves and people out of their depth.

  17. Dyce Roblox says:

    I did not only just pay someone to finish my cartoon, I paid them to start from scratch because I can’t do be a am a I cartoonist.

  18. dreamkiss4u says:

    can you rate them and leave feedback so that others do not get scammed or wont get what they really wanted?

  19. genevAHH says:


  20. Victoria E says:

    That one is gonna give me nightmares…. Yipes!

  21. I think I couod have done better… How do I get to be paid that much? haha

  22. Иван Дорн все-таки красавчик.

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