Coding Fun Html HTMLhouse – Open source app pick

HTMLhouse – Open source app pick

HTMLhouse: create a quick website in HTML code. Available from
“HTMLhouse helps you publish HTML quickly. Use the editor / preview to build your HTML page and press publish when you’re done. That’s it! HTMLhouse was built by the team at”


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5 thoughts on “HTMLhouse – Open source app pick”

  1. eldhosejoys says:

    Can you make a video on how to install the site code from GitHub on any hosting provider…

  2. SyntaxByte says:

    Thanks for sharing, seems like just a side project someone made to practice Go though. I can't even find a place on the site to edit separate CSS/JS files, and doing it all inline would suck even for small demos. Looks like an underpowered CodePen or JS Fiddle that's open source without a clear license.

  3. Daniel says:

    chirswere. I'm starting it.

  4. JessicaFEREM says:

    I could've used that when I made a website for school

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