Coding Fun Html HTML Tutorial for Beginners 02 – What is HTML?

HTML Tutorial for Beginners 02 – What is HTML?

Your first lesson in HTML Basics and your first step en-route to becoming a HTML ninja! In this video about HTML for beginners, we’ll go through what HTML is and how it’s used with other web technologies to make websites.


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13 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial for Beginners 02 – What is HTML?”

  1. fabmeloman says:

    I really miss the Ninja intro on new videos…

  2. Aaron Chin says:

    This is driving me crazy, why is there no Tutorial 1 for HTMl :@:@:@:@:@???

  3. Grant Parkis says:

    Great great tutorials!!!

  4. idi419 says:

    as a rookie to all this would you please list in what order i should take your tutorials. from front-end to backend (p.s want to create an e-commerce site as my first project)

  5. Dylan Mork says:

    How can i get topped off

  6. Kermit Frog says:

    Excellent presentation style, thanks. Liked.

  7. Thank you, Net Ninja! :*

  8. How can anyone dislike this? This is fantastic!

  9. Tom's List says:


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