Coding Fun Html HTML For Beginners Tutorial #2 Links

HTML For Beginners Tutorial #2 Links

In the 2nd HTML tutorial hosted by Peter Fisher we look at linking web pages together.
This is a beginners HTML course that teaches the basics of HTML
HTML is the cornerstone of website development.

Git repo:

HTML lessons taught in this tutorial:
How HTML links work:
New web page:
Creating a HTML link:
Creating local HTML links:…

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4 thoughts on “HTML For Beginners Tutorial #2 Links”

  1. Peter Fisher says:

    Get the full HTML for beginners course with no adverts:

  2. Steve Baker says:

    Fantastic Video. Always wondered how to open a new tab.

  3. jean reynold says:

    Thank you . Great video

  4. Peter Fisher says:

    Welcome to the second part of the HTML for beginners tutorial series.
    In this tutorial I cover how to create links within HTML web pages.
    Source code:

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