Coding Fun Html HTML & CSS Tutorial: Divisions, IDs and Classes

HTML & CSS Tutorial: Divisions, IDs and Classes

. . This is the tutorial I kept hyping up – Divisions, IDs and Classes . .

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30 thoughts on “HTML & CSS Tutorial: Divisions, IDs and Classes”

  1. Ran Dawg87 says:

    The only part that confuses me is why ad #nav li a:hover as a new line off Css. Couldn't you have just specified hover in #nav li a? Instead of adding that new line?

  2. this was terrible. an idiot talking to himself

  3. Thank God… finally someone explaining the basics..which nobody else (that I can find) has bothered to do….Thank you so much…but as per previous comments… WAY too fast… perhaps lay off the Java?…lol..sorry…pun

  4. Shiftrr says:

    what program is this?

  5. Ali Zafar says:

    dont let codebabes distract you

  6. Excellent !!!! Thank you 🙂

  7. Reiko says:

    That was super helpful. Thanks so much!

  8. Pablo Javier says:

    Awesome vid! Please make more!

  9. Raven Lo says:

    This was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperrrrr helpful because I often get confused with the div tag XD thank you sooooo much!

  10. Thanks! Sometimes when im bored i just Imspect Element The page im on and mess around with the coding.

  11. Chad Gomez says:

    Just started learning HTML and CSS and this cleared up a lot of confusion I was having. So thanks!!

  12. reb 12 says:

    Your video is a big help im just starting to learn html and css and i understand class and id on your video tnxxxxx so much awesome

  13. My header has gaps on the sides and the top. How do I get rid of that?

  14. Tarik Suday says:

    Thanks for the great vid!

  15. Happy Sad says:

    Knowledge is my best friend. Thank you!

  16. David Evans says:

    It's an excellent tutorial, thanks! The only thing is… you seriously need to focus on the code more. Even just leaving it up on the screen for one extra second would make a huge difference. We can immediately see the effect of the script the second you project the page on the screen. That isn't true for the script. And if anyone's like me, trying to physically take notes… well it's a nightmare to try and pause this video at just the right moment to copy something down.

  17. Scott Wolfe says:

    Great video thanks you!

  18. Chris Smith says:

    This is so much easier than taking a class. Thanks for the videos.

  19. Star Walker says:

    A little speedy, but great knowledge. Thx.

  20. web design says:

    u r the best my friend

  21. Abdur Rohman says:

    Probably the best one i have seen till today. Thanks a lot

  22. Very Helpful! Thanks!

  23. ohle0810 says:

    Thanks so much for great tutorials. Very helpful.

  24. Elumar de Sa says:

    How did you recorded this video? Which software? Did you edited the video? In which software did you edited the video? Thank you.

  25. thanks mate, its really useful. tnx for sharing it.

  26. thanks to you, i get to make minor changes to my client's Google's CSS files, and people at school say , "AWW MATE THIS KID HACKING GOOGLE BRUV"

    "Newbs." i say.


  27. Bharat says:

    excellent tutorials

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