Coding Fun Html How to write text on image using HTML and CSS

How to write text on image using HTML and CSS

In this video tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can write some text on image by using HTML and CSS. Here I use CSS position attribute. By using position= absolute I break the flow of heading and place it in the middle of the banner image.

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13 thoughts on “How to write text on image using HTML and CSS”

  1. did the volume cut off

  2. Really help….awesome presentation and brief explanation ! keep it up we are with you…

  3., helo sir kindly share master slider with me, i need it urgent.

  4. Jer Smith says:

    Thank you and how are you make that hello how are you into a clickable link?

  5. The audio is fucked on this video, keeps cutting in and out

  6. I have become your fan now!

  7. Al Ghanekar says:

    Thanks alot! that fixed my problem!

  8. Thank for the useful video…

  9. Thanks for your video it helped me,
    Only one problem it is not all devices compatible. Text is dislocated when i open in Mobile.
    Please help me for that ??

  10. Azhar Khan says:

    It helped but it is not to explain so much u made a 3min video to 9 worst experience!

  11. Serge MOULIN says:

    Thank for your vidéo.
    I just don't understand how to put the text a little bit more on the left or a little bit more on the right. Did someone know how to do this?

  12. Prue Mu says:

    it helped thank u

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