Coding Fun Html how to write run and execute HTML code

how to write run and execute HTML code

to create or design any website, we need to learn Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). This video demonstrate how to write, run and execute our first HTML code. We follow few steps.

Step 1: open notepad
To open notepad, simply use the shortcut key (WIN+R) through keyboard. A small Run window prompts out where in we need to enter the notepad in the text field and press ok.

Step 2: Writing HTML program
An empty notepad open ups there we need to write all our html code. In the video i have…

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  1. Jadi Hanif says:

    Your technique didn’t give good. Would you please reload with some better instructions.

  2. Jadi Hanif says:

    Dear Sir, I seek this skill since long and till seeing your video after trying much still no fruit to me. Would you help me to become success. I will much thankful of you Sir.




    <div id='colors'>

    <button id='black' onclick='changeColor("black")' ontouchstart='changeColor("black")'></button>

    <button id='red' onclick='changeColor("red")' ontouchstart='changeColor("red")'></button>

    <button id='green' onclick='changeColor("green")' ontouchstart='changeColor("green")'></button>

    <button id='blue' onclick='changeColor("blue")' ontouchstart='changeColor("blue")'></button>

    <button id='orange' onclick='changeColor("orange")' ontouchstart='changeColor("orange")'></button>

    <button id='pink' onclick='changeColor("pink")' ontouchstart='changeColor("pink")'></button>


    <canvas id='canvas' width='300' height='200'></canvas>


    <button onclick='clearCanvas()'>Clear</button>




  4. Samaj aa gaya but voume ke sath jyada

  5. Very very thanks its works dor me for my program thanks alot

  6. pramod Singh says:

    Thank you sir it helped me

  7. thanks very much it is very useful

  8. Y my html is not running in notepad

  9. ZIVO ZOOM says:

    i cant open using google chrome

  10. Thanks a lot.
    This video helped me very much

  11. wheres win idk i know where ctrl is

  12. martin king says:

    Thanks!! you helped me …

  13. Amanjot Kaur says:

    Tnq u vry much tomorrow is my exam

  14. Mohd Aamir says:

    wher Html run..plz answer

  15. no name says:

    I want a code that should display an another code eg:&nbsp in the browser

  16. mohd faris says:

    can u show me which key is win+ctrl

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