Coding Fun Html How to Work Remotely & Adobe XD to HTML CSS JavaScript Tutorial

How to Work Remotely & Adobe XD to HTML CSS JavaScript Tutorial

Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, we will learn how to work remotely with your team and how to design a media player using Adobe XD and convert the design to HTML template.

Thank you for @yeinnarayana to help us to implementing the design as well.

Tool used:
– Adobe XD
– Sublime Text

Download Project file:

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9 thoughts on “How to Work Remotely & Adobe XD to HTML CSS JavaScript Tutorial”

  1. Angga Risky says:

    Guys, thanks for coming here and let us know your honest feedback. Enjoy 🙂

  2. output file xd bisa di export ke Html mas?

  3. Jayjay says:

    Nice tutorial I but I hope your partner can also explain about the coding for us to understand more. 🙂 I really want to learn JS, CSS and HTML

  4. Abinash M.N says:

    Hi, I actually saw your video on Top 10 UI development softwares and choose XD to start my project with. Now I have finished my UI, but when I save it in PNG, the quality of the image is very poor. What should I do?

  5. Tanya CeQui says:

    Thanks, maybe it would be useful if the coder guy explains the process.

  6. hi anga do you know that framer x beta release please make lesson about this theme

  7. HADI IRAWAN says:

    Mantap bang jangan Lupa mampir dichanel aku ya Dan jangan Lupa subscribe balik ya bang ditunggu

  8. Drestha Dj says:

    mas lebih enak pake sketch atau adobe xd mas ?

  9. DevSlope says:

    mas kalau info tentang kerja remote front end dimana mas nyari nya?

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