Coding Fun Java How to reinstall Minecraft java edition for windows and mac

How to reinstall Minecraft java edition for windows and mac

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21 thoughts on “How to reinstall Minecraft java edition for windows and mac”

  1. Horsey Gal says:

    When I press the download it goes straight to my Windows store to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Help!

  2. Does this video show you how to download minecraft if it delted again? And not buy it again?

  3. I’ll give u a shout out

  4. Josh 1976 says:

    That intro do (IT SUCkS)

  5. problem is I don't already have it I had it on a past computer so will it save my download?

  6. andreasy 73 says:

    I can only play the demo

  7. This is not working! Not blaming you im just confused

  8. Omg been waiting for one of these videos to pop up thank you!

  9. FrankieGames says:

    This helped me so much thanks lol I freaked out when it said reinstall minecraft.. I was like "I threw out the card…" The found your video Thanks ma dude

  10. Jay Willis says:

    It done to work so you already had it installed I'm a computer expert so I know it's not working

  11. idiot u showed your email

  12. Kempy Bass says:

    this is a windows only tutorial NOT a mac because half of the the things you do especially after you click download minecraft is very different to mac…. so i got lost

  13. I don’t remember my password or email I use. I was 9 and a stupid one. I am going to try this though

  14. the glue says:

    dues it ceep your old worlds

  15. Itzz Techy says:

    IMA Try This Before My Idea.

  16. Cyndankit says:

    it makes me buy it

  17. Inksans says:

    it says i dont already own it.


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