Coding Fun Html How to Practice HTML (Easy)

How to Practice HTML (Easy)

Get started without installing anything! It takes only a few moments to get your first few lines of HTML code. If you are NEW to HTML, watch this walkthrough on how to use TextEdit and Notepad to write html.

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8 thoughts on “How to Practice HTML (Easy)”

  1. Ricky Bozzi says:

    How di I integrate practising CSS as well? So let's say tht I've done what I want with notepad, and I want to practise styling it, what do I do?

  2. Good job. Share the knowledge!

  3. What are your views on Notepad ++?

  4. MongolHvalen says:

    You dont practice at all?

  5. I just took the basic HTML course on codeacademy for fun and really wanted to see what i could create through self learning and the basics through the course without purchasing any environments, this video really helped! Thanks Angie

  6. abir mahmud says:

    This is really helpful my dear friend.

  7. Mayank Ary says:

    Heyy.. i watched your vedio.. and i want to learn html.. I’m new to this whole programming and these things.. so if you see this i want to learn and if you can teach me something or give an advice it will be very useful to me..

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