Coding Fun Html How to make Galette – A free form Fruit Tart Recipe

How to make Galette – A free form Fruit Tart Recipe

Learn step by step how to make a Galette, the french free form fruit tart easy to make and wonderful to savor. A galette consists in a patte sucree crust filled with fruits roughly chopped. In this episode filmed in a farm in Vermont I make a Nectarine and Blueberry Galette using only local ingredients and ingredients from the garden. This episode happens at Allison Hooper’s…

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24 thoughts on “How to make Galette – A free form Fruit Tart Recipe”

  1. Jose ferro says:

    Why your videos are not avaible On cellphonees boo

  2. Nehemiah __ says:

    pleeeeaaasseee make more videos I've watched almost all

  3. would you be able to tell us the music names because I absolutely adore the music in your videos.

  4. i heard that crunch i really want some looks amazing

  5. zpeanut says:

    oh wow! This looks so tasty! and I'm not good at making things pretty, so I am definitely trying this!

  6. JimbobVlogs says:

    that farm is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  7. She sure did pay in creme fraiche promo! lol This was fun anyhow.

  8. i thought you were french !

  9. :))))) So great!!! Tri legal!!!!

  10. what's the song in the beginning?! someone tell me please!!

  11. I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS VIDEO!!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS CALLED!!!!! Btw i love this recipe!!! Looks absolutely delicious!

  12. Colin Long says:

    das ist kein Galette. DAS IST EIN "PIE"
    blute Americansisch

  13. I like to put a bit of almond meal on the bottom so the crust won't get soggy!

  14. This looks so good and I didnt know I could make dough in my food processor. Thanks!

  15. Hyunjoo Lee says:

    I love the editing (real french woman thing)! It's always full of energy!
    Can I ask where I can get the pie crust roller in this clip? Can I buy it via your site?

  16. Jean Hallée says:

    Hello Raissa, I imagine that you have a lot of work these times. I hope it's not bad things happening for you.   Keep on the good word, we misse you that's all

  17. Why I cant see some of your videos

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