Coding Fun Html How to Make Complete Responsive Website Using Bootstrap/HTML/CSS

How to Make Complete Responsive Website Using Bootstrap/HTML/CSS

How to Make Complete Website Using Bootstrap/HTML/CSS Step by Step.
Hey, welcome back to daily tuition. In this tutorial, we are creating this complete bootstrap responsive website step by step.
We are going to create this website really from the beginning.
We are using bootstrap to glorify the website and make it responsive.
We also add some custom style to make it more attractive.
So before you take this tutorial you need to have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

So we ganna create…

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38 thoughts on “How to Make Complete Responsive Website Using Bootstrap/HTML/CSS”

  1. asif g says:

    Your tutorials are really helpful to students like us who want to become professional without wasting time and money in institutions you are doing great please continue this work may God bless you

  2. ahd osama says:

    My navbar is not sticky, I want to know what is the problem (I copied your code exactly)

  3. Sir can u give the source code of thi website

  4. HR Habib says:

    Really awesome video

  5. Perfect I will make the site with you, Thank you

  6. Bia Ali says:

    One of the the best tutorial i have found ever. 👍👍 Can you please upload whole series of php from scratch?

  7. Which software you are using?

  8. Awesome, this is what I was looking for on the youtube for already looooong time. Most of the content creators give us 10 minutes of compressed knowledge without any use-case. Not like in your video. No other words than AWESOME!

  9. Hello, i want to add an other image but when i add my image with col-md-5, it doesn't match the size. So i need to manually change the width of the image, is it an other solution? without changing the width?

  10. sol Sz says:

    Hi, how deep knowledge of HTML and CSS need to pass this well organized tutorial?

  11. Why is there copy and paste from bootstrap .Is it because of time to type it????

  12. Great tutorial, you're amazing! What font are you using in vscode?

  13. Pims TV says:

    Did i say "Right" ?

  14. San Crispino says:

    Thank you so much for your knowledge. I followed your whole tutorial more than once, but I find myself bloated to a point … I can't seem to see the size of the image in section 1 'pexels-photo-1904769.jpeg' if you want I'll link the style.css to pastebin, tell me you look forward to hearing from you again

  15. Thank you so much Sir for this Tutorial.

  16. Images not fit into container

  17. Syed Raheem says:

    Hey nice tutorial, it helped me a lot. I have a few queries or request can you please help me?

    I want to create a boxed version of this template and also want to have a side vertical menu to be displayed on a different page (other than index.html page).
    I understood your tutorial and can create the site home page but I have no idea how to place or add a vertical side menu for other pages.

    So, can you tell me how can I achieve that?
    Thanks again.

  18. You do it all by yourself wow

  19. vishal faldu says:

    Nice job and nice video to learn beginners

  20. Wei wei says:

    can i do that in notepad++?

  21. WP Technique says:

    No doubt you are master in bootstrap and its class BUT I don't think so this is a right way to teach for learner . You should show to all classes before you using in CSS than the beginner will understand what you are talking about. Sorry – This is only my small suggestion.

  22. Cala Biuxa says:

    amazing, thank you very much!!!.
    Greetings from El Salvador and blessings

  23. More videos like this please hehe

  24. Shanti Iyer says:

    Excellent video, thanks a lot. How can i send you email ? kindly reply

  25. Thank you so for sharing this video. I am really confused about "mr-auto class" which I tought it aligns the div to the left not the right.

  26. VIRAJ UTEKAR says:

    It is becoming complicated actually you should after completing one section complete the css of particular section it would be better for understanding

  27. AndroUP says:

    I'm subscribed your channel bro…..
    You are amazing 😋
    Bro plz make a forum website

  28. Philip Ncube says:

    doesn't his cause a conflict:

    header .row .col-md-7 {

    padding: 22vmin 1vmin;

    padding-bottom: 35vmin;


    You're already setting vertical padding at 22vmin top and bottom, then setting the bottom one again at 35vmin. Why?

  29. nehal gorule says:

    if i put header.navbar-brand its not working if i write .navbar-brand its working so is there any solution.

  30. saritha g says:

    awesome video…very helpful….thank you very much….try to do some more videos on responsive designing…

  31. I'm from Indonesia and I love this tutorials, thanks…

  32. ANKIT RAJ says:

    sir i have a question..when i am typing color and whitesmoke in my css file..then i am not getting option of white smoke color, why?

  33. Lingchi123 says:

    How do you make vscode auto finish for you like that? It would be really useful if u can tell me how to do that 😀

  34. ANKIT RAJ says:

    can anyone plz tell me how sir added comment??

  35. Best Tutorial Ever. Thankyou so much <3

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