Coding Fun Html How To Learn Web Design – Building Websites using HTML and CSS

How To Learn Web Design – Building Websites using HTML and CSS

How to Learn Web Design – Building Websites using Html and Css. *** FREE Web Design Sales Training: *** Check out my Free FB group –

In this video, I share a complete guide on how to learn HTML and CSS for web design.

Resources mentioned…


Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS by Jonas Schmedtmann Udemy…

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7 thoughts on “How To Learn Web Design – Building Websites using HTML and CSS”

  1. Thank you. Very basic and informative. Helps nervous embarking coders…
    Why so low on views if this was posted in March??

  2. Danny says:

    Hi Rob; would studying part time, ie. 1-2 hours/day be enough?
    Or would you recommend studying web development full time for a month or so if the opportunity arose?

  3. Hello Rob! Thank you for the amazing free content! Really inspirational. Can you talk more about server-side and the "ugly" stuff? Like if we should host the clients website. And what if the business doesn't have a website and they know nothing about hosting and managing it.

  4. Thank you for the fastlane thread and these videos. Very informative and motivating. Thanks again !!

  5. Mariana says:

    Hey Rob thanks so much for the video! I know absolutely nothing about coding but I am willing to work hard and get started. Will start digging through all of these resources. Thank you!!!!!’

  6. Tre McDowall says:

    Hey Rob I've been going through the udemy course its a really good course! Loving the content you've been putting out. Looking forward to future videos.

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