Coding Fun Java How to install the Netbeans IDE and Java JDK on Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10

How to install the Netbeans IDE and Java JDK on Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10

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36 thoughts on “How to install the Netbeans IDE and Java JDK on Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10”

  1. when i click new project from file where's nothing happened

  2. 6:10 Filha de uma puta! que susto

  3. Crazy StufF says:

    I have installed jdk 8 successfully and set path as told but netbeans is not getting installed. It says c/c++,base IDE,feature on demand was not complete. I reinstalled my window but the results are same. Any sort of help would be encouraged. Thankyou

  4. Simon Kardos says:

    I had so many issues regarding JDK and Netbeans prior this video. But i followed your steps and then it worked. Thank you very much.

  5. Zai Beauty says:


  6. There is no folder of JAVA in Program Files Folder . Wht's the reason is ? tell me please sir ?

  7. i can't download it on my laptop windows 10 . The PC can't run it . What's the problem is ? guide me please . I have to work on it .

  8. NIck Cross says:

    6:11 That moment when you stub your toe on a corner

  9. Ashu Vats says:

    Need your help. I have followed the same steps downloaded and Installed JDK and then JRE. But when I try to install Netbeans, 7:19 this screen appears and the "JDK for the Netbeans IDE" is blank. I selected the path manually by Selecting the JDK file in Java in Programs File but then also i am not able to click on next.

  10. Task Master says:

    I've installed Java jdk… But netbeans is not telling… Java jdk not installed! What should i do?

  11. did all this and netbeans is still not recognizing my jdk

  12. thank u bro it helped a lot

  13. java sdk for emulator????????????

  14. Adnan Aslam says:

    thanks it helped a lot

  15. varsha bhatt says:

    after installing JDK
    i installed NetBeans but when I clicked one popup appeared as
    java SE development kit was not found on this computer
    what should i do

  16. Hera Hassan says:

    really helpful…thanks

  17. Madhu Sarda says:

    But I don't get the new project
    dialog box

  18. Wiezo says:

    I have no bin folder in my jre1.8

  19. sumit mittal says:

    I did those steps for installing JDK
    But when I click on the netbeans setup file, it says that JDK is not installed properly…
    What to Do???

  20. might3d says:

    thank you , java installation is DONE , and a defibrillator tuts are needed NEXT

  21. netbeans is not getting installed ,showing jdk is not found on computer,but i installed jdk se 9.0.1,and even did that path stuff in environment variables,what's the problem? :/

  22. Error Sans says:

    i'n installing netbeans finall-
    Virus has Installed Suscefully

  23. Vikas Wani says:

    thanks for good information

  24. thank u. very helpful

  25. Your video is helpful to me thak you

  26. i am getting something error when i select the java application it is showing me a big mg that is " Not all requested modules can be enabled:[// big message ] what i have to do anyone give me the solution please

  27. Martin Mc says:

    Thanks it helped a lot, you even included a built in heart attack at approx 6 mins 🙂

  28. Ahxan Anxari says:

    can some one help me im so disppointed i will complete my task as per shedule but i cant cz my netbeans ide 8.2 not opening only show blue screen for some second after its gone and not open what should i will do pls if sir help me or any one can help me so im so thanks full ….!!

  29. Achin says:

    How to Import and open an already downloaded Java j2ee Web application in NEtbeans IDE please i beg you to please make a video on that.

  30. hi
    I have W10 i went to System then Environment Variables I see the path but I can not add or edit
    the icons and fonts of netbeans are very small .
    can someone help please?

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