Coding Fun Java HOW TO FIX-Java platform se binary has stopped working

HOW TO FIX-Java platform se binary has stopped working

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IF this tutorial doesnt work please check out my other tutorial——– I have a new video how to fix Minecraft tutorial- Sometimes Java memory size is to large and some program stop working or freezes. So we need to decrease the limit size to 256MB on system variables, I will show you how I hope this helps. Sorry…

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31 thoughts on “HOW TO FIX-Java platform se binary has stopped working”

  1. Its Kleo says:

    i didnt open to meeeee

  2. thanks really helpful video

  3. Jax and Gav says:

    Minecraft still doesn’t work… don’t even try it

  4. didnt work not just yours nothing works for me even the java help thing didnt fix it

  5. BlackCr0w says:

    How to fix this problem:
    So basically, the problem occurs because you don't have enough space in the local disk to install the binary platform.
    Even if you install Java in another disk, Java always operates in the local disk.
    So, if you're unsure how your disk got filled up, you have a virus.
    If you see extra files (Games, Apps) put them to another disk to make enough space for the local disk.

  6. bshimkusjr says:

    Fixed my concern of this message after I restarted the computer! Thanks!!

  7. Bourbeern says:

    How to fix it ,im gonna to full screen minecraft and freeze,wtf?

  8. AliciaG says:

    didn't work crashes differently now lol

  9. Grey Crimson says:

    Ran the game ( BRAIN / OUT ) 2 times, then worked so thanks

  10. Sabbr Hajri says:

    I did it>>>>>>>>>>>>>> by anther idea:

    01:02 selct c:… and edit it then change path to desktop

    100% workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. themdino says:

    The solution for me: there was a conflict with MSI Afterburner (windows 10 x64). After closing Afterburner Java just started working fine.

  12. Red Tango says:

    Many thanks man! This solved it!

  13. xD my minecraft wont work after i did this

  14. eswar rao says:

    marvelous it worked for me after this.

  15. iiCrypto says:


  16. Thank you very much. Your advice saved my day!

  17. SuperDano007 says:

    god damnit do i just have to downlade it again? please comment

  18. i found a fix that might be not in any how to fix java tm platform se binary has stopped working also this is for windows 7 so follow me:

    Step 1:go to your launcher
    Step 2:right click and choose properties
    Step 3:choose compatibility
    Step 4:make sure that the run this program in compatibility mode is checked
    Step 5:Make sure that the chosen compatibility is in Windows 7 mode
    Step 6:Make sure that the run this program as an administriator is checked
    Step 7:Now launch the game

    I hope it helped <3

  19. I can't even install java since it keeps crashing….

  20. an tran huu says:

    It just work for 15 mins then crash…

  21. This made it worse >->
    Now it just crashes IMMEDIATELY


  23. jXManectricz says:

    omg thanks its working

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