Coding Fun Java How to execute failed test cases in Selenium webdriver

How to execute failed test cases in Selenium webdriver

In this video I will show you How to execute failed test cases in Selenium webdriver using 2 different approach.

1-Using eclipse
2- Using Java program which will trigger the xml files.

Check the complete code in below article.

Please watch: “How To Create Maven build For Selenium Framework”


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36 thoughts on “How to execute failed test cases in Selenium webdriver”

  1. Suresh Das says:

    Then how to send the report of pass and mail through mail using selenium in pictorial format?

  2. Hi Mukesh,

    I have been working on selenium from few days now. I am a beginner in selenium. Thanks a lot for all the videos you have uploaded on selenium. helped me a lot.
    If possible please help me with below :
    1. How can we check actual vs expected results through selenium?
    2. I create test cases and execute on my system. How can i share it with the team and then they test it on their system? Do they have to install eclipse? is there any way to just use the jar file or something and run the test case in multiple tester systems?


  3. Thank you so much…. To give reply

  4. Nitya Ranjan says:

    Hi Mukesh,

    Just a doubt for this approach. By running this TestRunner class we can't get the class names which are failed. we just found in console output that 1 TC is failed. So how can we know which TC is failed. Can you explain this.

  5. hi mukesh
    please make video for this

    how to test from 25 to 35 testcases out of 100 testcases i selenium

  6. What about skipped testcases ? what if i want to run skipped and failed testcases together ? please reply

  7. Hi Mukesh, Whats the difference between this and iRetry Analyzer?

  8. D M says:

    can t we execute Testng .xml instead also observed that now no need to put double slash in the path for testng.xml in the example

  9. hi mukesh how to trigger only failed testcases from jenkins

  10. harman maan says:

    Hi Mukesh , nice explanation , thanks

  11. anto raja says:

    Hi Mukesh, you have executed the failed test case initially, so again one folder gets created, so everytime if you run a failed test case then a new folder will get created every time?

  12. Abhilash TC says:

    Use IRetryAnalyzer which is more effective and structured…

  13. Minaxi Joshi says:

    Thanks Mukesh!

    I have a doubt
    1 out of 3 TCs is failing initially,
    so 1 testng-failed.xml file gets created.
    i did correction in my the failed test case(which is correct now – i.e – i wrote Assert.assertTrue(true) – pass condition)
    i did refresh the package an created a Test-Runner class and run that class.

    now it should show me the "Total tests run: 1, Pass: 1, Skips: 0"

    but its showing "Total tests run: 1, Failures: 1, Skips: 0"

    is this the correct behavior, Yes/No – Kindly explain?

  14. m karthi says:

    i handle 50 test case but the 25 case only failed other case need for run so how to write code

  15. Grate, excellent tutorial, can you share java programs in the email id ''. '

  16. lauta rial says:

    This is great! U are a great teacher! Thanks!

  17. srikanth y says:

    what is threadpoolsize in selenium ???

  18. Rahil Kumar says:

    When this Code will execute if any testscript fail? means on what conditions it will run and for how many times it will run?

  19. Shreyas Bs says:

    Awesome …Excellent info

  20. Hi Mukesh, How to Trigger TestRunner class programatically And that too Only When there are failed Test cases ?

  21. Then how to execute single testcase 10000 times???

  22. Hey Mukesh, thanks for such amazing explanation, i have one question, which is the special feature of List you are using which is not in Array List?

  23. Hi Mukesh. Thanks for this awesome video. Very much Thankful to you for the second example.

  24. Gaurav Goyal says:

    Hi mukesh in which video tutorial you used ItestResults….

  25. veda vathi says:

    Hi Mukesh, Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge with us..May I know how to capture screenshot for failed tests using TestNG listners. Thanks in advance.

  26. PG M says:

    motherfuckerrrr u rock… keep it coming please,lots of love from us downunder…

  27. Sheikh Latif says:

    Thanks a lot dear for your great effort.

  28. veda vathi says:

    Hi Mukesh its really a fantastic job you are doing..Now am spending my time in watching your videos I really fell in Love and found curiosity in learning selenium,Its actually boosting my career too Thanks and God bless you:)

  29. Divya kumar says:

    How to build only failed test cases in jenkins? Example i have 200 test cases and 25 has failed. so how to build only failed test case?

  30. Amit Jain says:

    if I add this runner class to my framework and just execute my test cases in normal way then all failed test cases will be rerun ?
    how testng will know I have to run this class post test execution ?

  31. Very clear explanation.Easy to follow.Thanks

  32. Pankaj sutar says:

    nice explanation sir…
    i have faced this question in my one of the interview

  33. Hi Mukesh Frist of all deeply Thanking you so much to uploaded this type useful videos, I   learned a lot from your videos.
    I faced some interviews a few days back still I'm searching for Automation job but when I faced in interview on java concepts most off Interviewer asking on java I would like to know where we use Method overloading and Method overriding concepts in selenium during writing scripts

  34. Hi mukesh,

    This is karthik here. i need to know, how i can write test scripts for the applications wihch contains more number of text fields in several forms.

    for eg: after login to the application i have atleast 15+ forms to enter the data. each test case carries different set of data.
    test case 1 has data only into few more & as well as test case 2 contains data into some other forms.

    but writing cases for all of it, increase the line of code to the higher number.,

    Karthikeyan J

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