Coding Fun Html How to display database data in HTML table with Pagination + Search – PHP & MySQL

How to display database data in HTML table with Pagination + Search – PHP & MySQL

In this tutorial, you will learn how to show database data in HTML table along with pagination option, search bar and limit records per page.

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31 thoughts on “How to display database data in HTML table with Pagination + Search – PHP & MySQL”

  1. can you make this table also editable (CRUD) ?

  2. thanks brother you made my day

  3. All you did was show how to download some pre-programmed bootstrap files to do everything for you. People watch coding videos to see the coding part. This was not a helpful video. Thumbs down.

  4. Thanks but what if data is very big this will not work properly

  5. not working for me i have all those files but nothing

  6. jquery.js file is missing in DataTables js folder, when downloads

  7. Rock Thor says:

    I have a table of bands tour, but dates are stored on unixtime, can you show me how to show readable date? on old site I did it ( . Date("M d, Y", $date) . ) but on this video example doesn't work…

  8. RobertoN2903 says:

    how it's possible to search not through a textbox but with a select option filled with the datas from a specified field (let's tell the field is called "State"). thank You

  9. my next and previous buttons aren't showing, please tell me how to fix it.

  10. Kenny Karuga says:

    May the Lord you worship, Bless You 🙏

  11. Sara Ali says:

    i need this source file …plzzzzz.. i am trying but not working for mee… plz i have exam tomorrow

  12. Aman Punjabi says:

    for very large records like 7000 records it takes much time to load how to reduce time

  13. how to make the searched data clickable? thanks

  14. can you provide your jquery.js file bro ?

  15. hi adnan, bootstrap.css is working fine but datatables is not working at all, search, pagenation, display limit is not showing up in my page..

    i downloaded and tried both uncompressed and compressed jquery.js
    help me get the pagenation


  16. need server side scripting if the data are big..

  17. AL IMRAN says:

    Thanks A Lot Brother.

  18. Cimex090 says:

    It does not work for me

  19. Na GPU says:

    if i select 25 display it display all records
    It is not display particular records for table

  20. I'd like to do filter or limit records displayed by date range. How can I do this? I'm familiar with datepicker, and the use of input fields, but don't know how to code it to make it work.

  21. can you send me source code link

  22. I have a minor problem, the previous and next button is not the same as yours. What do you think is the problem? By the way, I haven't seen the jquery.js in the compressed file that I downloaded in

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