Coding Fun Java How to configure Spring Security Authentication – Java Brains

How to configure Spring Security Authentication – Java Brains

In this video, youโ€™ll learn how to configure the authentication mechanism of Spring Security. Weโ€™ll learn this by creating a couple of users in memory and have Spring Security authenticate and verify against them. The process youโ€™ll learn in this video is *the* way to do authentication configuration in Spring Security and will be the useful to you irrespective of whatever your actual authentication approach is.

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29 thoughts on “How to configure Spring Security Authentication – Java Brains”

  1. Can you please share a tutorial to integrate JWT

  2. Question : what is the significance of role

  3. Sir, could you please make videos on Design Patterns

  4. tushar kadu says:

    Hi Kaushik ,
    Please make one video on the JWT access token as well

  5. I was expecting the video will contain how to configure security like how it's done in production

  6. Hi Koushik, I have learned so much from your video tutorials. Thank You!!

  7. bandiera says:

    Again Great video!
    I have a suggestion. Could you please make a video showing authentication using Spring Security and Spring Cloud Gateway by making configurations in Spring Cloud Config + (if possible showing authentication with OpenID and authorization with OAuth 2.0 (delegated)). There is no enough information how to do it.
    By the way, it would be great if you make a video introducing yourself. It would be nice to know about you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Great explanation! But could you put greater emphasis on design patterns, it would be easer to understand .

  9. CHANDRU419 says:

    Thala! Please tutorial on Spring microservices with Oauth2 and Okta authentication

  10. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Superb explanation sir

  11. Clear cut explanation. Please change the comment statement colour as it is not visible to see

  12. Asif Iqbal says:

    Sir , i have been following you since your first video on youtube and javabrains. I have gone through all your videos and learnt a lot. I work for a MNC company, and trust me it is because of only YOU. Thank you .Indeed.

  13. CHANDRU419 says:

    Dheivamae! Neenga dhaan en thala!

  14. Thanks for making this tutorial.. I was waiting for this egarly..

  15. Hi Sir,
    The video is great. However wanted to point out that from SpringBoot 2, WebSecurityConfiguerAdapter is deprecated. As SpringBoot 2 supports only Java 8 and above, they took the advantage of default methods in interfaces and introduced WebSecurityConfiguer interface. You can implement the interface and there is no change in any of the methods though. Request you to mention it in further videos.
    Many thanks for the great job done by you.

  16. It would be great to include spring security with ldap. As always great video

  17. Hi Koushik,
    Could you please take examples of securing apps you created in microservices series it will cover two topics security in general and with spring cloud….

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. Katie Sun says:

    ๐Ÿ‘Can not wait to watch next video!

  19. Hi sir thank you for the video. Which theme you are using for IntelliJ?

  20. Please demonstrate Spring Security Using Kerberos.๐Ÿ˜

  21. LawZist says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  22. Hi thaks for your tutorial. I have followed your Microservice tutorials and was learning zuul and all. But stuck with an issue.
    i don't know if my issue is relevant on this video. I have set up zuul and spring security with micro service. But with out authentication i can use all microservices via zuul. It works perfectly. But when i incorporated JWT authentication while accessing microservices after authentication throwing CORS issue from accessing Angular. Could you please comment what should i take care to avoid this issue.

  23. Can you please make a playlist on integrating angular with spring boot and spring boot security??

  24. Explaination is not all good please improve Explaination

  25. I'm ur big really have motivated me and taught me a lot of courses. I hope my comments do motivate u too and continue ur work

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