Coding Fun Html How to Add a Audio Player to a HTML Webpage Using Notepad (HTML Tutorial)

How to Add a Audio Player to a HTML Webpage Using Notepad (HTML Tutorial)

In this Tutorial I will show you how you can add a Audio Player that plays various types of audio files. I am going to be doing lots of HTML tutorials in the future that will cover both the Basic and Advance types of HTML Code.

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46 thoughts on “How to Add a Audio Player to a HTML Webpage Using Notepad (HTML Tutorial)”

  1. kundan rana says:

    mujhe youtube se playlist apne php page per lagani hai or jase hi me youtube per video upload karu wo video mere php page per aa jaye or ek row slider me sath me popup ho video per click karne per

  2. shooks says:

    Now how do I hide it?

  3. How to create any audio sound auto player audio

  4. but the auto play doesent work on phones

  5. rinku ram says:

    hoe add download option

  6. Lyndon Gines says:


    <img src="facebook_logo.png" widht="300" height="300">


  7. b2is2cute says:

    What the wtf steps u made it down bro..just made it offline and than post it..ridiculous

  8. Malte Speit says:

    does it work on firefox?

  9. <audio controls>
    <source src="[Song File Here]" type="audio/mpeg">
    Your browser does not support the audio element.

    This Is What I Did Is There A Difference?

  10. Demon Girl says:

    How can i Repeat if i change the width and height of the music? Can i Loop that using HTML code?

  11. markjoeseff says:

    mine doesn't work 🙁

  12. This might sound stupid, but how do you make the text document a chrome link on Windows 10? When I try it stays as a text document.

  13. thank you so much works fine

  14. mr militia says:

    how do i make the audio stop playing automatically??????

  15. thank you very much.. it really works

  16. If you want to put it into another folder, just make sure you put the directory. So I put my mp3 into one folder deeper into a folder named "audio" then put the source as src="audio/test.mp3"

  17. H0lyC7102 says:

    to every one if it doesnt work just usw: <audio controls src="UreAudio.mp3">
    The controls is very important!

  18. Reus PDG says:

    i don't see the ''new'' button
    what i need to do ???

  19. wany ayunie says:

    it doesn't work. I tried everything. even using the same browser and save the audio in the same file. but its still not working.

  20. Syed Rizvi says:

    This is one is working on Google Chrome browser not in Internet Explorer. Thank you.

  21. xXBlackHawXx says:

    Thanks you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ayenmalinao says:

    THANKYOU SO MUCH :))))) <3

  23. thx man it was very helpful

  24. Seth Jones says:

    sometimes if yours doesn't work you must use a different browser not all browsers support file extensions and as well you must also select music or files from the same folder that you save the code in 🙂 glad to help any of you that have questions with this specific code

  25. Ty says:

    hello mine says missing a plugin do you know what plugin it is ?

  26. Aliene says:

    Mine did not work. I tried everything i did this but it does not work!

  27. nattyrott says:

    Is there a way to have it in pause instead of playing right away?

  28. Adam Thomson says:

    how do I put this onto a website? such as Bigcartel? there's an advanced tab in the user customization settings but I wouldn't know where to put it

  29. Thanks. Simple yes, would have appreciated example use of some of the key attributes such; type, controls, autoplay..

  30. Looking for a basic HTML player with playlist (HTML only)
    no java Please
    i know very little html

  31. JmdollaSign says:

    thanks short and simple 

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