Coding Fun Java How did I learn Flutter so fast?

How did I learn Flutter so fast?

The best way to learn flutter:

1. Java Head First – this is to learn the basics of programming, focus on classes, methods, variables. Also Java is pretty much exactly the same as Dart which is the language used in Flutter so don’t worry, if you know Java you know Dart.
You can buy it here if you want:

2. Setup Flutter – for this I would suggest checking out this article that I feel goes through the basics. And as a sidenote first time I tried to set this up I was…

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21 thoughts on “How did I learn Flutter so fast?”

  1. hard thing bout flutter is bloc and asyncs methods management, building UIs is pretty simple

  2. Nick Jensen says:

    I highly recommend 'App Brewery – The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp Using Dart'. It's the best $10 USD I have spent on tutorial content to date.

  3. AleXoTroN says:

    I started with javascript and wrote a mod for MCPE (which actually has 2,7 million downloads) then continued with Java and started to make android apps and also I've tested kotlin but it was just a little bit easier than java. Now I found kotlin and dart and it is a dream for developers… It's so so much easier than Java and kotlin and I saves so much time and keeps problems away that make your head burning!

    Btw greatings from Germany

  4. Kale, I've been trying to install flutter, it's not working. Please help 😣

  5. You are not proposing a way to learn flutter, but a way to learn anything

  6. Storq says:

    all respect brah , much respect and much love

  7. Are you using MBA or MBP for programming?

  8. To me, parsing JSON file from web, bloc pattern and database really hard to understand. It takes time to understand and digest the backend part πŸ™‚

  9. Salute brother πŸ™‚

  10. Joy Tank says:

    Thank you sir for it.
    Really it's wonderful

  11. Grant says:

    Hey Kalle, just in case you were wondering for the wording, I believe it is "the resources are ranked from most important/useful to least" or something along the lines of that. (The keyword being "ranked" with the k pronounced with a hard "kuh", or "cuh" sound

  12. Raphael says:

    Flutter is going to be huge

  13. Hey kalle, I want to build this app in java. Can I please get a run-through?

  14. I'm learning it for 3-4 months. And i havent much experience on coding. Now i can make visuals as well but cant understand backend. How can i solve this problem. I think sources is not enough to understand well

  15. I recommend java head first too!

  16. I like that you always sound so relaxed

  17. Wasim Raja says:

    I will always choose the flutter official documentation than any other third party resources.

  18. Kirill says:

    Hey Kalle, may I ask you to tell me your hourly rate as a Flutter freelance dev? If it's not secret of course

  19. Merrick Clay says:

    Your videos are amazing. Going to be a big tech youtuber in no time.

  20. those eyes tho haha so blue.

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