Coding Fun Kotlin Hadi Hariri – Kotlin – Ready for Production

Hadi Hariri – Kotlin – Ready for Production

Kotlin, a language developed by JetBrains for nearly 5 years is very close to its first release. However, did you know that it’s being used in production for over a few years now already? Both inside and outside of JetBrains there are people deploying Kotlin applications for Android platform, for Web Applications and just about any other type of application.Why are people using it instead of Java or some of the other languages out there? Primarily because it provides significant benefits in…

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1 thought on “Hadi Hariri – Kotlin – Ready for Production”

  1. asd qwe says:

    Only problem is that it seems that kotlin is kind of what Java will be in a few years, with some syntactic sugar. That really makes me wonder if it's worth all the risks involved.

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