Coding Fun Kotlin Groovy Vs Kotlin – Which one to choose for what?

Groovy Vs Kotlin – Which one to choose for what?

This video covers the differences between Groovy and Kotlin when compared with Java.

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4 thoughts on “Groovy Vs Kotlin – Which one to choose for what?”

  1. Wureka JI says:

    When it comes to Kotlin, people always emphasizes that it is type-safety language.
    But, Groovy can also be a type-safety language. And Java is surely a type-safety language.
    So that so called "type-safety" basically is not a feture of Kotlin. Instead, because Groovy can be a dynamic-type language, it is very easy to handle JSON data.
    From this article,,
    I found that most features mentioned in the article can also be found in Groovy.
    Well, Groovy also has some features that not exitsed in Kotlin.
    So, from the perspective of technology (feature), why say Kotlin is better than Groovy ?

  2. are you implying that kotlin cannot be used as DSL?

  3. Lem Adane says:

    No offense man but your English way of speaking really sounds terrible and unpleasant to the ears. I suggest you practice English accent first or just speak in your own native tongue.

  4. cachwahed says:

    Groovy is not "dynamically typed" it is "Optionally dynamic typed", because you can use @CompileStatic annotation on any class.

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