Coding Fun Html Google I/O 2012 – Use What You Know: HTML and JavaScript in Apps Script

Google I/O 2012 – Use What You Know: HTML and JavaScript in Apps Script

Corey Goldfeder

This session covers how to build dynamic webapps and services in Apps Script, using skills that you already have. During the session we’ll show how to create rich interactive apps using regular HTML and JavaScript, while maintaining deep Google integration via Apps Script. We’ll also cover how to use scripts to serve text content like JSON and XML.

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11 thoughts on “Google I/O 2012 – Use What You Know: HTML and JavaScript in Apps Script”

  1. what about normal java?

  2. MajikSo says:

    What is Google stance towards manifesting your religion at workplace?

  3. BibleGet I/O says:

    looks like jQuery and jQuery UI aren't actually compatible with the sandbox when in NATIVE mode (which is the default). They result null.They become compatible when switching to EMULATED mode but then the scripts take like 10 times longer to respond, making for an unacceptable user experience.  I guess what they were trying to say in the presentation is not that Apps Script is compatible with jQuery and jQuery UI but that they would like to make it compatible?

  4. cxklann says:

    Is the code for Gmail Tags available?


  5. dayv2005 says:

    Please support jquery mobile 🙂

  6. JQuery Mobile isn't currently supported. Some parts of it might work, but it's not guaranteed.

  7. Pls how did you make the lquery UI library to work properly. I am having trouble getting Jquery Mobile libraby to work. The app displays but is rendered as if the jquery mobile CSS is disabled or striped out.

  8. webfacer says:

    i found it

  9. webfacer says:

    where i can find this online editor… ? is it from google? i search the hole web for it and webstore can some post the url if this tool exist.

  10. ronozery says:

    Great new options… its a shame that with every update google can delete all your code and data…

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