Coding Fun Node Js Full Stack React & Node JS Project – Part 2: Components, State, Props, Styling

Full Stack React & Node JS Project – Part 2: Components, State, Props, Styling

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This is the second video in a multi-part series where we build a full React/Redux project with a Node JS backend and Mongo database. In this session, we set up the React project and explore components, properties, state, and basic styling in React.

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10 thoughts on “Full Stack React & Node JS Project – Part 2: Components, State, Props, Styling”

  1. Turbo 360 says:

    For more free React, Redux and general tutorials, visit:

  2. HPrieto says:

    This is much appreciated! I wanted to learn a web framework for my machine learning models and react.js is the perfect one! Thank you!

  3. Just solve the audio. It killed my ears in headphones few times.

  4. Part 1 was awesome, glad part 2 picks right up where you left off. Your good deeds are much appreciated. After working through the Youtube content, definitely intend to view additional courses @ Thanks Dank1 aka DKNY aka DK-won Kenobi aka Dan Kwon 😛

  5. Mr Plutonium says:

    Isn't easier to just add id's and classNames and create css files or is there a benefit to styling it this way?

  6. Dmitry Shur says:

    I can live with the html in the js files thing, but writing css in the js files as well? seriously? please tell me that's not the common convention for writing react code. what about SESS? throw it out the window? and what if i work with a web designer who's writing pure css/using css preprocessors

  7. I don't know what the tutor looks likes but I love your way of tutoring how you encourage the students by narrating your coding and learning experiences. You are absolutely good! It's so easy to learn with your tutorial

  8. SireBandi says:

    Thanks a lot for posting these! The woman in the class asks great questions, every time I've wondered about something she's queried about it! Thanks for that!

  9. <hr> stands for 'horizontal rule' 🙂
    I think it comes from MS Word?

  10. Brilliant series so far! Everything is very well explained and I appreciate the teacher/student method of these workshops, makes me wish I wasn't so far away in Australia!
    My only wish is for the audio to be a bit better. I have to put the volume up to max, so any time your mic is tapped my ears bleed a little haha

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