Coding Fun Kotlin Firebase Firestore Chat App: Cloud Functions & FCM (Ep 8) – Kotlin Android Tutorial

Firebase Firestore Chat App: Cloud Functions & FCM (Ep 8) – Kotlin Android Tutorial

Firebase provides a bunch of awesome services such as Firestore, Auth, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions and Cloud Messaging. Learn how to use them in this tutorial course in which we’re making a fully fledged real-time chat app with everything you’d expect like sending images and getting notifications when we receive a new message.

In this part you will learn how to create a Cloud Function in Javascript which will send an FCM message to all of the user’s devices when he/she receives a message…

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25 thoughts on “Firebase Firestore Chat App: Cloud Functions & FCM (Ep 8) – Kotlin Android Tutorial”

  1. aziz siville says:

    Amazing tutorials, please create chat tutorial in flutter too sir, thank you 🙂

  2. the best youtube android tutuorial, thank you for your effort to making this tutorials, this is very helpful for my final project.. you save my life men

  3. Please create Groups where multiple users can join and chat!

  4. Great job!. Then, could you let me know why you don't apply foreground notification by using just kotlin code and I also wonder why did you make notification, using nodejs, not android kotlin script. whenever index.js code is changed, making 'firebase deploy –only functions' is so troublesome.

  5. you are a great teacher really, thank you so much Matej. I really enjoy all your Android Kotlin tutorials!. seriously, you deserve more. why don't you make premium course? I think you are now the best youtuber for Android Kotlin. it will be great if you make paid course like this , but for Android Kotlin. yeah, once again. Thank you very much for all your effort to provide hight quality content for Kotlin, keep it up! 😀

  6. erlex fortin says:

    Great! Thanks for your effort making this contents. 🙂

  7. can you implement this on android java ? not kotlin ? btw thank you for you teaching.

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  9. Finished, and you got my subscription !

    Added some polishes, like another color palette from
    as well as used GlideApp..apply(RequestOptions().circleCrop()) to make the profile and chat images circular instead of ugly squared.

  10. Amit koppad says:

    The best tutorial so far on youtube. I am gonna try and add language translation to this app. See if you can have a tutorial on that as well. Thank you

  11. Tapan Gohil says:

    Really useful tutorials Thank you so much

  12. Udit Kapahi says:

    So far the best tutorial ever… Can you please suggest how to add features like presence and delivery receipts in to this chat app.

  13. wonderful tutorial, I am trying to work out how to change the strcuture to match an existing setup = user details and messages etc- where is this held in Android.. in Ios easy to find…

    ["name": name, "email": email, "profileImageUrl": profileImageUrl]

    cannot find anything like this in Android.. any ideas


  14. Do you have to ask us to subscribe to the video ever 2 minutes? Hard embedded in the video so we can't escape it?

  15. Sameer Thapa says:

    Pagination in firestore would be great next.

  16. What is the name of the intro/outro song? 🙂

  17. martin seal says:

    i now have a type error TypeError: stillRegisteredTokens.splice

  18. Amazing tutorials, please keep going 🙂

  19. martin seal says:

    What emulators are you using? (Not devices)

  20. martin seal says:

    Thanks you so much for this creating cloud functions has been the bane of my existence

  21. ziad chaoui says:

    Hello How to download files from internet

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