Coding Fun Html Facebook PHP SDK v5: Send HTML Form Data – Part 34

Facebook PHP SDK v5: Send HTML Form Data – Part 34

A viewer of my videos asked me how to send html form tag data to Facebook app using Facebook PHP SDK v5 e.g. a user comes to your app and there he sees a text box which is a HTML input tag and user can enter any message and press enter and that message is posted on user timeline or you can use this in any way you want to do on your app so this video is all about this sending HTML input tag data and post the data on the user timeline using Facebook Graph API and PHP SDK for Facebook.


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4 thoughts on “Facebook PHP SDK v5: Send HTML Form Data – Part 34”

  1. Ali Hassan says:

    thanks for the help man thumbs up

  2. German Gomez says:

    Hi, the other day on a facebook page, I saw that the comments of a news post also appeared in the news on the web. The motto that he said was: "this comment will also be posted to"

    Is this done with api sdk PHP?

  3. Thank you Sohaib Ilyas for this video, that's i wanted, this video solved my problem, Thank you very much, keep it up 🙂

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