Coding Fun Java Easiest 1250-5000+/hr Iron Farm – Iron X – Minecraft Java 1.14.3 -1.14.4 – Basic Builds

Easiest 1250-5000+/hr Iron Farm – Iron X – Minecraft Java 1.14.3 -1.14.4 – Basic Builds

Welcome to my Basic Builds series, where I show you how to make the most basic builds in Minecraft without using too many resources, complicated redstone or hard to get items.

This is the Iron X! You can make this with as many layers as you like, and each layer will get you 1250 iron per hour!

Minecraft version: 1.14.3

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34 thoughts on “Easiest 1250-5000+/hr Iron Farm – Iron X – Minecraft Java 1.14.3 -1.14.4 – Basic Builds”

  1. Grigglepuff says:

    where is the worlddd downloaddd

  2. Roi Casal says:

    alguien me podria decir cuanto espacio deja entre nivel y nivel?

  3. Has anyone tried to make it work in 1.14.2?

  4. Serious question though… why do you need THIS much iron?

  5. Moartem S says:

    If you bring in villagers you have already traded with, then make sure, that you give them their appropriate work station. A couple remarks on the underlying mechanics would have really helped. Now that mine is running, it really shows off its potential.

  6. how in the world are you supposed to get the villiagers up there

  7. vincietal says:

    why branches so long and levels so distant in height?

  8. A Moose says:

    So, uh, how do I turn it off? Built this in the spawn chunks and now I have a problem with storage

  9. BestoWaifu says:

    Hola! Un humilde español que viene por ElRichMC pasando 😀

  10. Ozelot 117 says:

    I build this thing in a flat world to test how good it is, for some reason i cant have more than one store. I tried to do more, but only on one will spawn anything. im playing on 1.14.4

    Edit: i just restarted my game and now it works just fine, thx for this cool iron farm 🙂

  11. Allen Frias says:

    Do you have to be near it for iron golems to spawn? I walked away from it and came back a hour later and only got around 300 iron, no where close to 1250, I have a single layer.

  12. Does this farm work in bedrock

  13. Exofius Zero says:

    is this still working in 1.14.3 ?

  14. Jiblony says:

    Only one branch is working for me on 1.14.4. As far as I know all four branches are identical.

  15. I build 1 layer “4 pods” and only 2 golems spawn? I have 12 villagers on the beds 12 workbenches and 4 named zombies in the composted what am I doing wrong
    Edit:nevermind I left 2 zombies in the minecarts above the composter just broke them zombies fell in the composter and they work now!😂*facepalm*

  16. This is the best iron farm I ever saw thx man

  17. TÆon says:

    Can you explain to me what is the use of the circuit? (sticky pistons, observer, daylight detector)

  18. how do you get the villagers to be places on top of the beds

  19. Bo The flash says:

    Is it possible to build in survivor ?

  20. Humble says:

    One question, how am I suppose to get a villager to where I want him to be without eggs?

  21. FROG JEDA says:

    Does this work on bedrock pe or does it only work on java?

  22. So I built it with 4 layers and fixes some minor flaws it had. There is a problem when lots of golems fall at the same time, they can push each other to the side, resulting with them landing on top of the glass pane corners. Making pillars with blocks in the glass pane corners helps prevent this, you will also need to remove the 3 lowermost blocks of those pillars to stop the golems from getting stuck. After this it works like a beast, About half an hour and I already have 10 stacks of iron blocks

  23. Max says:

    Ho man ! We were sceptic with a friend about how much iron ingots it would produce so I same a 2 levels farm to try it out…

    Let's simply say that it's a 6 levels farm + expanding farm and that you got yourself a subscriber!

  24. nmmarov says:

    does it work in 1.14.2 ?

  25. TheFinalHour says:

    how come my zombies keep despawning

  26. Fireboy4500 says:

    Does this design work on bedrock edition?

  27. PIPOF says:

    Its not working for me and Im playing in 1.14.4 and I can't figure out why help

  28. GamingBlonde says:

    can you release a world download

  29. Alan W says:

    When I did the second layer it didn’t work for me idk why

  30. mine just doesnt work and i dont know why, i swear it looks the exact same as yours. iron golems just arent spawning

  31. Yarugaurds # says:

    Its not working for me and Im playing in 1.14.4 and I can't figure out why

  32. Eli Collins says:

    Not working for some reason

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