Coding Fun Html Dreamweaver tutorials place insert sliced png images convert to html div tags cs3 my simple easy way

Dreamweaver tutorials place insert sliced png images convert to html div tags cs3 my simple easy way

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I can 100% assure you will not see this graphics image div tag techniques anywhere else. Learn how to build div tag id’s from a webpage mock up – We take sliced NAMED images and built ID div tags around them – benefit from my time tested web design production techniques. Create, build, design, edit html5, div tags and CSS3 rules using my simple “point and…

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33 thoughts on “Dreamweaver tutorials place insert sliced png images convert to html div tags cs3 my simple easy way”

  1. your voice is quite irritating
    but thanks for the tutorial

  2. can you plz tell me how you make them move? i wanna move them up or left , right , how you make them move?

  3. T Emblazon says:

    Thank you for your tutorial!

  4. very very very awesome video tutorial, u r really a Genius guy!..

  5. theRobino says:

    "this is the greatest thing since sliced bread… well actually bread isn't that good" hahahaha.

    thank you for the awesome video. because of you i might be prepared for an assessment test coming up soon. you rock.

  6. ls kostas says:

    Thank you very much for your Tutorial…I am a programmer so I dont know so much about design web sites…I am sure that I will learn a lot from you!

  7. Wow this is great, I will be using this technique just like I use your other techniques. You are AWESOME!!! Don't let the anyone tell you different. I do wonder how you create the links on the page since they are part of the image. Maybe you can do another tut to show us how to do that. Thank you so much for your expertise.

  8. OH wow nevermind just setting it as background did work!

  9. That's pretty awesome!

    Hm is it possible to convert an image into a background imatge? I had a Photoshop file that I sliced and brought in. It already created the div tags for me, but I want to place something ONTOP of the image, but I can't because it's an image, not a background. How would I change this? Simply erasing and making it a background doesn't seem to work quite right. Thanks.

  10. Lemuel Koh says:

    Hey, whats wrong with your voice?

  11. Thanks for the kind words and support – why dont you take advantage of my A-Z tutorials you can get a lot of my videos on for $49 – contact me via thinklearnearnDOTcom for more details

  12. Waelsa2008 says:

    Thank you. I really appreciate all your tutorials, you're truly a genius, because not like all others, you think out of the box, you see things that others don't see, you make the program work for you not against you. I wish people like you work on the Dreamweaver development team, they can truly benefits from your insights. Every time I'll use your techniques, I'll remember you, and I'll support you in every way I can. Thanks again.

  13. Ryan Castro says:

    Screw the rude comments ive watched every video youve put on here since 2010 your awsome my instructor wanted to know where ive learned so much briliant short cuts

  14. Tomi R says:

    Oh my god. I never have rly tried Dreamweaver.
    Now I cant sleep without thinking that I dont have that app yet.

    Hell, havent seen anyone doing divs this easy.

    Great video mate! Thanks ! =)

  15. Good day… thanks for your comments/question : text can always be seen and can be selected and does come up in search engines- you want to use text over graphics whenever possible – Carpe Diem – Robert

  16. Le Snak says:

    – if thats the case is it better to leave the text out when designing the site just make a template then add a div ontop the image div?
    – i found this easy to do with the tool next to the insert div tool (looks the same but has dots on it) yet when i exported it, it didn't seem grounded.
    – so is this this the way to insert text. Or is there at better way.

    part 2

  17. Le Snak says:

    Hey i really enjoyed your tut is was a clean simple way or making a clean and simple website. I have a couple of enquiries if you or someone else wouldnt mind answering. Im not a dreamweaver user i have just been crash coursing myself in tutorials over the last days so sorry if my questions silly.

    – With the text for the website apart of the picture. Does the mean it cant be selected or seen when the site doesnt down load image and text.

    Part 1

  18. Yes – Buddy I am a F-ing Genius – If you have the right skill set you can make anything look Easy- Carpe Diem

  19. it also slowly makes people aware how easy it is to combine graphics and coding

  20. Personally I think this is one of your best tutorials. Not only shows it how easy it is to include graphics from Fireworks (which is indeed an excellent web graphics tool) into coding by a simple intuitive way, Thanks!

  21. Cheers from acros the pond… glad i could help out- Go Liverpool – and 100 years ago today- from Liverpool the Titanic Sank – Thanks for your support- Carpe Diem – you should also watch my tracing image tutorials – thats working smart mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Roy Goulden says:

    April 14th 2012… Just back from a Easter break and have to create a graphic based webpage in a hurry…I am a complete Dreamweaver virgin. HOWEVER, having subscribed to, what in my opinion are the best series of tutorials on Dreeamweaver EVER.!! I cannot believe my luck that this tutorial was published on the 12th, a lifesaver. Can I thank you again for taking the time to produce and share these tutorials with us. All this and Liverpool won the semi final also. Think I'll do the lottery.

  23. all the bad teaching and wasted steps does drive me a little nuts… thanks for your support

  24. RickOH288 says:

    lol, I just waited until it was working again ! I was able to like the video as well ! No more swearing! but I understand your frustrations.

  25. Its been working a and is now working – try again please – WAIT? How did you write THIS comment if its not working?

  26. Ryan Oster says:

    Man I cant actually believe you share your techniques with the world… U are a legend and your kindness is greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your time, effort and knowledge.

  27. RickOH288 says:

    I kept getting this message when I tried to comment or like! so maybe it was down for awhile!
    This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

  28. gruffcolgan says:

    i bet u could do a good chris walken impression. 'Those Div Tags, are gonna break!'

  29. awesome awesome๏ปฟ video ๐Ÿ™‚ i just love your all simple and powerful techniques. your the only best Guru ( Master ) i have ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your Experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. hey Guys… where's the love… where the comments?

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