Coding Fun Java Download Adobe Flash Player & Java FREE – Windows xp/vista/7/8

Download Adobe Flash Player & Java FREE – Windows xp/vista/7/8

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20 thoughts on “Download Adobe Flash Player & Java FREE – Windows xp/vista/7/8”

  1. I have problem downloading flash player to windows vista ? is it possible to down load even though I have been told my computer is out of date. And no longer supporting software for this program. Should I just Purchase Windows 10 And will this solve my problem in order to view the latest videos on the net?

  2. its says unknown thanks you fucker!!!

  3. if you listen closely in the beggining it sounds like he is saying lets go home

  4. HeliphanTV says:

    how to install? I dont know how. ASAP

  5. RyanTiv says:

    Best place to talk to a computer: Outside.

  6. Thank you, you really helped me through this. I followed your video and can report 100% success. Thank you again. ps, some nasty losers making dumb comments here.

  7. DH MAHEDI says:

    dude at first fix your internet down loader manager at 3.54 😛

  8. Rachel king says:

    But how do you change your adobe flash player to the version you want? I tried, but it's always for adobe 17. My computer is so old that it only supports Active X 12 or something. I search up the one I want, but everythings a phony. I did download the newest Flash Player, but it slowed everything down, and I have no idea what to do because I can't find the versions I need because it's so outdated.Then, sometimes withe the newest version, my computer won't even recognize it. I don't know if it's the computer itself or the flash player.

  9. anonymus says:

    do us all a favour don't pay your internet bill the web would be a better place with out people like you… you know fuck all.

  10. i like and more important i understand. its to the point keep up the good work

  11. thanks dude you help me alot..

  12. Do you need java for flash player

  13. YuVlogs PH says:

    it says  file erorr

  14. GALE SIRRINE says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to prepare this video.  Have been having problems with downloading You Tube videos since 9/11.  Yes. that's right.  Thanks again!

  15. Miniburton says:

    i get to the java installing screen but then it says error it also says there was an internal error

  16. Omg so when I got to Java I click run and nothing happens

  17. Knyll says:

    i use windows xp and it says windows 7 recomended

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