Coding Fun Java Developing iPhone Applications using Java

Developing iPhone Applications using Java

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October 14, 2008


Apple’s iPhone has resulted in significant interest from users and developers alike. Apple’s SDK for the iPhone is based on Objective-C as the development language as well as Cocoa for the GUI.

Unfortunately Apple’s license agreement for the iPhone SDK prohibits the porting of the Java virtual machine to the iPhone. In this presentation we introduce an Open Source Java-to-Objective-C cross-compiler as well as a Java-based implementation…

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35 thoughts on “Developing iPhone Applications using Java”

  1. ipods use the same framework as the iphone, so yes, yes you can

  2. igrewold says:

    Apple LLVM Compiler has great support for C, Objective-C, and C++

    So u is rite.

  3. Michael says:

    of course cause C++ ain't Objective C

  4. @fd5y yes, that's a free site to reverse phone, the link is on my profile

  5. He didn't join NeXT he started it.

  6. ThatLeaf HD says:


  7. KoopaKool says:

    Can you please make a tutorial to cross compile Obj-C to Java bytecode?

  8. daviga404 says:

    Objective-C isn't C++…

  9. Brett Miller says:

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  10. igrewold says:

    of course cause Java ain't C++

  11. It is good to here that there are something to hope on. (because i am suffering from Platform independents technology because it is useless now ). I hope this XMLVM will develop nicely.
    Good Luck
    Thank you

  12. @MarzukR I understood that, and I understood that there might be feedback. However, I am a troll… that should explain everything…

  13. Shopno Ahmed says:

    Because he had a mic clipped on to him, think before you post

  14. Rhusker88 says:

    I'm a java programmer, but I find it hard to learn objective-c…. 🙁


  16. 耕平石村 says:

    The presentation would discuss with the challenges of the Java-to-Objective-C cross-compiler as well as the Java-based version of Cocoa.

  17. If you were right, they would delete your comments i think.

  18. sajib opu says:

    Want to make and sell your own iPhone app idea? Download AppWizard to create your own iPhone application without ANY programming

  19. JavaDevJPC says:

    Sign me UP!!! Without a doubt these guys are among the most talented IT techs in the world!

  20. Bobby Java says:

    @robofish3000 They aint YouTube partner m8, they r YouTube owner!

  21. Bobby Java says:

    @robofish3000 They aint YouTube partner m8, they r YouTuve owner!

  22. XfStef says:

    is anyone up to date with what was shown in this video ? and would I really need to cross compile a java applet in order to run it on an iphone ? thanks in advance for your answers

  23. The XML file doesn't contain all data the bytecode of a classfile contains.

  24. this song is the best…

  25. This is more academic, for someone wanting to write an app to get accepted by apple this would just be a waste of time.

  26. @healthy777
    Its not woth it.

  27. Nawab Ifty says:

    iPhones applications are just awsome! but are all iPhones applicaions made in java?

  28. hahahahahah this is illegal XD WHO CARES

  29. Smudge Codes says:

    I love xml! XML has given us such great things! The gun app would be nothing if XML was not here!

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