Coding Fun Html DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 1.04 Update

DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 1.04 Update

DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 1.04 Update with small tips and tricks of what’s being changed.
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#DayZ #XboxOneX gameplay 2019 Review 1.04 Update guide is shown here. With this open world survival zombie game that’s finally available on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 DayZ. This is one mighty experience bringing decent performance, but weird menu issues. It is Xbox One X Enhanced with a 4k resolution though no HDR support. This is…

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24 thoughts on “DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 1.04 Update”

  1. DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 1.04 Update. If you're buying the game on the Xbox Store, consider using my affiliate link (it'll auto-switch regions):

  2. Invictus says:

    I crashed my car at North air field lol, radiator is ruined and cant find a replacement, any1 help me out? Im playing in the top USA server i think its 650.

  3. mysteriofoe says:

    The only reason why you find the server hopping fix a problem if you used to server hopping i thin k it's a good solution for base or battle ghosting

  4. Would be cool if they added a count on your screen of how many days you’ve survived.

  5. FewzGamer says:

    Maybe the throwing glitch isn't an actual glitch, maybe the developers intended on it been a way to distract zombies for a certain amount of time as it doesn't distract them forever. And at 11:15 , i noticed this problem too with taking the equipment of zombies, it does actually work. If i remember right you can hold A on the item and drag it into your hands or inventory, this worked for me.

  6. Only Active says:

    Is there proximity chat??

  7. How do I switch loot to another items without going on each one and clicking X to transfer it from hoodie to peacoat

  8. If I log off how can I log into the exact same spot bcz I went to NWAF and was forced to go offline so can I spawn there again or nah

  9. SCP 096 says:

    Isn't this game still in beta mode ???? And has comparable graphics to fallout 76..

  10. Stagiest says:

    The render distance in this game is immense. It's a huge factor, giving you a sense of distance which creates a feeling of a real environment which draws you into the world of DayZ, and because of that it keeps you coming back without you being able to put your finger on it.

  11. Carson Price says:

    ill drop a subscription

  12. Blue Baron says:

    How do I work the goggles?

  13. Shlaughta says:

    Your voice is soothing , no homo

  14. Matt R says:

    To get backpacks/vests off zombies for Xbox I noticed holding "A" and using the bumpers to drag it to your hands isn't as buggy tho it's still kinda buggy lol…..ah gotta love DayZ

  15. Can u make a fishing pole yet

  16. What’s yours going to be called?

  17. Private servers do not have admin tools sadly…

  18. I am scared because I logged off at Tisy military base and I think there are gonna be lots of bandits there

  19. E ! says:

    Can you make a bow yet?

  20. james paul says:

    Like a worse state of decay

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