Coding Fun Html DayZ Playstation 4 Gameplay PS4 First Impressions

DayZ Playstation 4 Gameplay PS4 First Impressions

DayZ Playstation 4 Gameplay PS4 First Impressions with small tips and tricks of what’s being changed.
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#DayZ #PS4 gameplay 2019 PS4 First Impressions guide is shown here. With this open world survival zombie game that’s finally available on Xbox One, and now DayZ Playstation 4. This is one mighty experience bringing bad performance, but weird menu issues. This is the full zombie experience now on the console providing a really…

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10 thoughts on “DayZ Playstation 4 Gameplay PS4 First Impressions”

  1. DayZ Playstation 4 Gameplay PS4 First Impressions, Tips & Tricks tomorrow, Review on Wednesday, Maybe Stream on Thursday and another video around weekend.

  2. Richard H says:

    Only 1080p. Or yeah it's the PlayStation.

  3. Oof, there's not screen tearing on PS Pro. I do get some frame drops when the server has over 30 players, however. I've never played this on a base PS4.

  4. Why doesn't anyone make a game like this with actual effort put into it? So much missed potential

  5. james paul says:

    Looks like a much worse state of decay tbh

  6. Danny Music says:

    What's the FPS like on the normal ps4 in cities

  7. E Man says:

    I feel it plays good on PS4 so far, the one difference I have noticed is nights. Night time on PS4 for me is pitch black to where I cannot see anything, in the Xbox I can at least see the road and buildings

  8. Jalen says:

    You’re so delusional Xbox and ps4 run exactly the same

  9. Pride Little says:

    Not like this on normal Xbox one, Xbox one X is as of now the best console iteration.

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