Coding Fun Html Creative Agency Landing Page Concept | HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT (GREENSOCK)

Creative Agency Landing Page Concept | HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT (GREENSOCK)

Back to basics. I was getting a lot of requests to create some more videos on GSAP. I have created this by just putting fundamentals in a right place. One new experiment that I did was using AnimeJS and here are the results. Looking forward to create something more out of it soon!

Source Code :
AnimeJS :

Check out this video to create that mouse follow effect :

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23 thoughts on “Creative Agency Landing Page Concept | HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT (GREENSOCK)”

  1. harrnish says:

    Okay so this is the first time I've tried to use animejs. Make sure you guys try it for at least once! I really found it sick 🔥

    Check out this blog and you'll get to know how amazing this library is :

    *And yes – it's a free. Hence using this isn't called copying 😂 I hope this will help 🙏🏻

  2. From which part of the country do you belong mate! Coz you've been doing lovely work and I want to meet you!😄

  3. Hello Codegrid, why did you create more div in content with class year, logo, overlay-text etc? Thanks, you are very good and you have good taste for design

  4. Chris Jones says:

    So thankful for this channel !!!

  5. Masaud noor says:

    Dear online web ustad chanel please use barnal cream

  6. miguel angel says:

    Te amo en silencio, eres todo un artista

  7. Dope work as always brother. Can you please provide some resources like links or sites where i can learn the basis of gsap, i am currently using original documentation of gsap.

  8. Awesome man I really like it.

  9. I'm a big fan of your work!!

  10. plz tell me some books based on animations and javascript effects

  11. Excellent work and make a complete tutorial on greensock and tweenlite

  12. Amazing Design.
    Awesome video tutorial.
    Totally like a pro. You are pro keep it dude.

  13. Bogette says:

    10 different libraries on 1 site. Questionable lessons..

  14. HEAL. says:

    You like a pro. keep it up dude

  15. Kreylix says:

    Music, style of website. Everything give me pleasure atmosphere and after watching your videos i become adoring web programming more and more.
    Animation is everything for website, i knew, know and will know. Thanks dude for such creative and unique chanell. Respect 🤘

  16. coslus tren says:

    Yay!!! More Content 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Alan Mejia says:

    You make it look simple and when I give it a shot I have so many issues with css x(

  18. szhan says:

    Like the new style of video

  19. Looks amazing , keep up bro !

  20. Hey and how it looks on responsive?

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