Coding Fun Java Creating an Emulator: Practical Android Java Development Part 2

Creating an Emulator: Practical Android Java Development Part 2

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A tutorial on how to create an emulator in Eclipse that you can use run your Android applications.

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4 thoughts on “Creating an Emulator: Practical Android Java Development Part 2”

  1. Hi! In the complete tutorial (which I'm afraid isn't free), I go through basically two fairly complete apps, plus a load of smaller things to illustrate various ideas. One app I go through completely step by step (although it's only quite simply); the other I sometimes miss steps when it's pure Java. I've tried to put in enough detail that people can dip in and out of the course, but at the same time know enough to publish a complete app.

  2. IgniBlitz says:

    Im glad i found your channel. I use it to refresh my memory of things, and also for new things like this. I have a question regarding the direction of these android tutorials. Will they show us small apps with certain ideas you want to get across to us, or will they be incremental steps in which we build on one app during each tutorial? (i hope that makes sense).

  3. Hi, I'll consider it, but could you give an example of something you think is incorrect? If it works correctly, that's got to be good!

  4. Hi John, I'm a big fan, and I subscribe to your channel. I just finished a project in which I had to use a ContentProvider. Now, I got it working 100% and all, but I don't think I implemented the Uri stuff correctly. Would it be possible for you to do a thorough tutorial on how to use the different Uris the way it is intended?

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