Coding Fun Html Create HTML Pages in Zoho Creator, part 2

Create HTML Pages in Zoho Creator, part 2

This video is a continuation of part 1. Video explains how to pass form data to a Zoho Creator HTML page.

The Full code for the application is available at

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6 thoughts on “Create HTML Pages in Zoho Creator, part 2”

  1. Hello, thanks for your videos…
    Have published any continuation to a more advanced "Invoice" page, I've some issues giving format to page and converting into pdf when the number of items is larger that a page size can hold.
    I'd appreciate some help

  2. Hello! i modified my previous msg to make it more undertandable.

    There are two forms: TravelForm and RoomForm.
    In TravelForm a user enters ArrivalDate and DepartureDay among others.
    In RoomForm, no mother how, availability of rooms, type of rooms (exclusive, suite, shared), etc. are stated.

    What i need to create is a Form-Stateless Form-Report-Page-Whatever but USER FRIENDLY solution for this (this is why i cannot use LOOKUP) where:

    1) User sets ArrivalDate and DepartureDate in TravelForm
    2) In RoomForm, all rooms must be filtered according to availability those dates.
    3) Present all characteristics of those available rooms (exclusive, suite, etc.) but in a USER FRIENDLY way to pick one or more rooms.
    4) Take into account that many different users can be accesing the same data of availability rooms at the same time, so wich should be the best way to handle this?
    5) Insert ALL this information into a TABLE.

    Things i have tried with no luck:

    1) Create a TravelForm where i set ArraivalDate-DepartureDate, make a Mylist with a "Fetchrecord" in RoomForm and bring to TravelForm the available rooms with the idea of inserting them into a SubForm. Could not do it.

    2) Dinamically create Checkboxes and Notes whit the info from Mylist for the user to pick (similar to he Seat Booking App). But could not do it either.

    3) Create a Stateless Form, from there i send ArrivalDate and DepartureDate as a parameter and dinamically filter a Room Report in wich it creates a function for each record so user can pick the room. But i cannot go this way because i cannot send the UserID from TravelForm to RoomForm and then from the report to the table (submit all the info).

    4) Create a Page. There is no Add Record on the deluge for what i cannot write the table. There is a wayarround by publishing a Stateless Form but i am not sure if this is the way.

    Please, any info about this would be much appreciated.

  3. GOWTHAM S says:

    sir, how to add here print/pdf button

  4. Vua Mail says:

    Can we get more advanced videos on HTML Pages in Zoho Creator?

  5. David Vela says:

    Great! Thanks a lot for your help! 🙂

  6. James Yang says:

    Great tutorial videos ! Looking forward to seeing more good works coming!

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