Coding Fun Html Create a Nav Bar | HTML & CSS Tutorial

Create a Nav Bar | HTML & CSS Tutorial

In this tutorial, Brandon shows you how to create a navigation bar for your website using an unordered list and CSS styling!

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— Start FAQs —

Q: What do you use to record your screen?
A: Brandon and Eli each use a different screen-recording method. Brandon records using Camtasia Studio 8, and Eli records using a Live Gamer HD.

Q: What OS are you using?
A: Windows…

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20 thoughts on “Create a Nav Bar | HTML & CSS Tutorial”

  1. I've watched the whole video, i use notepad++ and the style.css thingy doesn't work. What to do?

  2. You can do: "display: inline block;" and you don't have to add the "float:left" property. I dunno why that helps it's just something. Also I apologise for my name. I don't like YouTube's fair use policy.

  3. dwreck says:

    I really like how you started with a sped up version of the tutorial. Saved me a lot of time.

  4. futbal says:

    but how can we make the bar usable like it takes us to another page

  5. Dom B says:

    hi. how can I carry the nav across all pages without copying all the code each time? thanks 🙂

  6. Is this something I can use to place the navigation before the header logo

  7. Lil Bear says:

    This really has helped me alot, thanks…and carry on blabbing, there is always something useful in that Loool 😉

  8. Da Phant says:

    holy shit it took 6 minutes for him to finally get to start making the navbar. wow.

  9. My nav bar still have the underline. How do I fix that??

  10. Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!

  11. how would you customize the contact page? Do I need to act like if i was creating an entire new page?

  12. harpreet115 says:

    At 10:50, do we really need to add 'display:block' as 'float:left' will automatically make it as display:block ?

  13. third class tutorial ever

  14. Kevin Daniel says:

    Hi im have the most profound question. When i create a nav bar does it go in its own file/folder then link to the original index.html file? or does it
    go within the same file where you created your htmt project? Thank you

  15. DarkMinion says:

    Great video! I have a Question. I always have to run the code by saving it and opening it with google chrome. How do you run yours? It is soooo convenient.

  16. Young says:

    My border break doesn't span across the whole page. How do I make is so that is does?

  17. The color of the text dont change, I am going crazy with the styles.css 🙁

  18. Tried to download content, asks for password.
    What is the point of this tutorial if I cant follow it step by step?
    Thumbs down

  19. Omni G says:

    Hi I just started using Brackets and I need to know
    1) how do i run?
    2) is there a way to increase code font size permanently?

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