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How To Build Music Player App With Kotlin | Android | Part -2 |ClickListener

In this part of tutorial we’ve fixed the duration and added ItemClickListener to the Recyclerview. After we get the duration with the help of ContentResolver we get the duration as millisecond. So in this video we’ll convert millisecond into minute and second and add itemclick listener. How To Build Music Player App:- PlayList :- check […]

Gradle Summit 2017 – Powering up your builds with Kotlin – Nadav Cohen, Rodrigo B. de Oliveira

Gradle now supports a Kotlin-based DSL that allows for better tooling, type-safety, and unprecedented expressiveness. What problems does Gradle Script Kotlin solve? How would you convert existing code to Kotlin? And how would it interact with Groovy in the process? In this live coding session, we will walk through several Groovy-based build examples and convert […]

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Convert java to kotlin Full kotlin setup

Spring Tips: Reactive WebSockets with Spring Framework 5

Speaker: Josh Long Hi Spring fans! In this tip, we’ll look at building a Kotlin-language reactive websocket-based application with the new web runtime and framework, Spring WebFlux, in Spring Framework 5. In order to keep things interesting, we also connect our websocket-backend to a frontend written using an Angular 4 and TypeScript.

CalendarView in Android App | Android Studio 3.0.1 | Kotlin | 2018

In this tutorial, we learn about CalendarView. CalendarView This class is a calendar widget for displaying and selecting dates. The range of dates supported by this calendar is configurable. The exact appearance and interaction model of this widget may vary between OS versions and themes (e.g. Holo versus Material), but in general a user can […]