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What Is Google's New Kotlin First Initiative for Android App Development?

What Is Kotlin First Initiative for Android App Development? | Programming Tip by Tim Buchalka Google recently announced that they are now Kotlin First when it comes to Android App Development. Today, I’m going to explain what this means and elaborate on what this means for Android developers. Android App Development Masterclass Using Kotlin: Google […]

Android Kotlin Pokemon Go Game Setting Up Projects and Generate API Key

Course for Pokemon Go App Development using Kotlin Language in Android Studio IDE. This is a 1:30 to 2 hours course where you’ll be mentored to create Pokemon Go Game using Kotlin language in step by step fashion. At the end of the cource you will able to work with Google Maps API. In this […]

( clase 8 ) Solucion Cambio de Imagen CURSO Android con Java y Kotlin 2019

8 Solucion Cambio de Imagen Lo que aprenderás Haz prácticamente cualquier aplicación de Android que te propongas Te convertirás en un profesional de Android con Java y Kotlin Publicarás tus aplicaciones a Google Play y podrás vender tus propias aplicaciones Aplicar para nuevas oportunidades laborales como programador Android con Java y Kotlin Kotlin,androide,estudio de android,Java,android […]

Unary Operators – Kotlin Programming

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Example Android app: from Java to Kotlin

Tested on Android Studio 1.5 Repository: