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timeLapseProgramming Kotlin

my timelapse learning kotlin programming.

f(by) 2020: LaTeX DSL for Kotlin, Vitaly Khudobakhshov

f(by) 2020 FP track LaTeX DSL for Kotlin – Vitaly Khudobakhshov @khudobakhshov Adoption of functional programming ideas, particularly lambdas, has changed software engineering enormously. Nowadays you can design your own embedded domain specific programming language in a very short period of time. Many languages like Haskell and Scala have a very suitable syntax to deal […]

f(by) 2020: Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin, Imran Settuba

f(by) 2020 FP track Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin – Imran Settuba @i-walker Type-proofs are powered by Arrow Meta – a meta-programming library and functional companion to the Kotlin Compiler and IDE. Type-proofs open the door to the Kotlin typesystem and establish a trust relationship with the Kotlin compiler where users can define functions between […]

(Kotlin) Migrating Java class to Kotlin (equals, hash, optional parameters)

A more advanced tutorial on how to migrate Java classes to Kotlin in seconds! This time showing how to handle kotlin-inc constructors, equals and hashCode functions, and options to deal with optional parameters in Kotlin and JAva

U1 Tarea 3 Layouts de Kotlin

Oscar Enrique Jaime Ramos Este video explica los diferentes layouts que tiene Android Studio #NoMeRepruebesBenigno