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Kotlin Messenger 06: Send and Listen for Chat Messages

It’s finally time for us to send messages in our ChatLogActivity screen. This will first require us to save a list of messages under a node in Firebase Database. Next, we’ll listen for all these messages as they are entered in the system, and then refreshing our list in real time. In the next lesson, […]

Ian Thomas – Exploring Kotlin Multiplatform

DevFest Florida is the most magical developer conference. Developing for multiple platforms is expensive and requires multiple disciplines. Kotlin Multiplatform provides a sane, cheap, and fast method to target multiple environments with the same codebase. Leveraging direct compilation to target environments, Kotlin Multiplatform can save you time and money sharing your business logic between your […]

#12.2 Kotlin LATEINIT Keyword. Avoid NullPointerException. Kotlin Tutorial for beginners:

Access 7000+ courses for 60 days FREE: Using Late init with variables allow you to avoid Null values and thus Null Pointer Exception. Explore how to use lateinit in Kotlin and how UninitializedPropertyAccessException is related to it. Next Video: Previous Video: Check out my website: ➤ Donate and support us [Only if you think our […]

Wojtek Kalicinski – Kotlin Multiplatform: code sharing without compromise

The promise of cross-platform frameworks looks great on paper, and some of them do a pretty good job delivering actual results. But with inherent differences between platforms, is “build once, run anywhere” even worth pursuing? Learn how you can share parts of your app between mobile platforms (and even the web!) without compromising quality, and […]

Kotlin el swift de Android

Kotlin el swift de Android