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Android com Java ou Kotlin?

ANDROID START – Inscrições Gratuitas –

KotlinConf 2017 – Deep Dive into Coroutines on JVM by Roman Elizarov

In this talk, we perform a deep dive into the design and implementation of Kotlin coroutines for those who like to understand it down to the bottom. What were the design goals of the Kotlin coroutines and how are they implemented on JVM? What is the difference between CPS and CSP? What concept stands behind […]

Kotlin vs Java for Android

February South East Tech Meet Up Presented by Ronan Doyle, Senior Android Developer While Kotlin can be used to develop server-side, web and native OS applications, this talk will focus on highlighting some of the benefits of using Kotlin over Java when developing Android applications. Ronan Doyle – This meet up was kindly sponsored by: […]

#1 Introduction to Kotlin Programming Language. Kotlin tutorials for Beginners

Access 7000+ courses for 60 days FREE: Welcome to the Kotlin Tutorials for Beginners for Android. Kotlin has been announced as Official Android Language at Google I/O 2017 along with Java. Does it means Java will die? No, Java won’t die but Kotlin is more powerful than Java for making Android Apps. So let’s begin […]