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Android | From Java To Kotlin | Inline Functions, Delegation

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Improve Kotlin Code With Coroutines

Improve Kotlin Code With Coroutines Want to hire me?:

Kotlin Android S2E4 : Simple ListView Data Sorting

Kotlin Android Simple ListView Sort Ascending and Descending manner tutorial and example. SOURCE CODE : How to sort a simple listview in ascending and descending manner in Kotlin Android. Let’s see how to sort data in a ListView in both ascending and descendig manner. You click a button to sort in ascending, then click it […]

Kotlin Tutorial – 28 – Working with Interface

Interfaces are another way to implement data abstraction in kotlin. An interface is similar to a kotlin classes and created using the keyword interface. Interfaces contains abstract variables, abstract and non-abstract methods. A class can implement any number of interfaces. Like my Facebook page : Subscribe My YouTube channel :