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Android Studio (Kotlin) move a view on touch move using ViewPropertyAnimator and OnTouchListener

This will help you easily move a View with the use of View Property Animator and On Touch Listener ➤Source Code:

"Migrating Spring Boot apps to functional config with Kotlin" – Nicolas Frankel@Hazelcast

In the latest years, there has been some push-back against frameworks, and more specifically annotations: some call them magic. Obviously, they make understanding the flow of the application harder. Spring and Spring Boot latest versions go along this trend, by offering an additional way to configure beans with explicit code instead of annotations. It’s declarative […]

Android & Kotlin || Recycler View

في هذه الدورة المفصلة سنتعلم برمجة تطبيقات الاندرويد بأستخدام لغة الكوتلن من الصفر الى ان نصل الى مراحل ومفاهيم متقدمة جدا في الاندرويد

HashMap Send and Receive Intent Activity – [ Kotlin Android ]

HashMap Send and Receive Intent Activity,HashMap Send and Receive,Kotlin,Kotlin Android,Android,Activity,HashMap

How to create a Guess the Word App in Android by using Kotlin Part 1 | Introduction of the App

Welcome to my other app creation series for beginners. So in this mini-course, you will learn a complete “Guess the Word App”. We will build this app from scratch starting from the creation of the design of the App by using XML in android studio. Then we will implement a Guess the Word Quiz App […]