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Java? JS? Python? Learn from Jeehyun

Jeehyun just graduated from Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. She’s currently working at Goldman Sachs and she’s been tutoring for many years.

Java VS .Net

Javatar Java VS .Net the Revolution of java truth behind .net .net vs java Javaの比較。ネット

Node.js For Java Engineers – Ryan Stevens, NodeSource

Moving from Java to Node.js presents some unique challenges. At Node Day, I’ll share some meaningful differences in the ecosystems as well as a lot of positive things enterprise Java skills can offer the Node.js community.

Why Java is Better than C++

Do you know why Java is better than C++? Java will usually run on any implementation, no matter which Java version you use. It also plays well with others. Why do you say that? I credit that to the Java Virtual Machine, which is so good that a few other software languages have been written […]

The Risk of Choosing the wrong programming language

– Which programming language should you choose? Python, PHP, Ruby. C#, JavaScript, java … how important is this choice?