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Learn how to write and run applications in Java and Python + Git & GitHub!

========================= Minute-By-Minute Breakdown: ========================= 0:00 Intro 0:51 Why Learn Java? 3:53 Why Learn Python? 7:37 Installing Java 12:02 Installing Python 14:02 Installing Git 15:41 Getting Started with Python 17:55 Calculate Primes (Python CLI) 26:07 Calculate Primes (Java IDE) 41:08 Run Calculate Prime (Java CLI) 44:27 Getting Started with Git 53:31 Getting Started with GitHub 54:45 […]

Checking a number is prime or not java 3 ways

Java program to check a number is prime or not 3 ways to check wether a number is prime or not

Selenium WebDriver framework. Improvements for first Selenium Test Suite (part 2).

How to improve Selenium test suite and readability of your test automation Java code.

Optum Java Developer Telephonic Interview || Sync Tech

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#6 | Coding Standards in JAVA

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