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CSS video tutorial – 53 – CSS background color property vs (HTML mark)

CSS background-color property: It is used to specify the background color for any html element Values: color name | hex value | rgb(0-255,0-255,0-255) | rgba(0-255,0-255,0-255,0-1) | transparent ======================================================== Follow the link for next video: Follow the link for previous video: ========= For more benefits & Be up to date =================== Subscribe to “chidres tech tutorials” […]

What is DOM Document Object Model

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a cross-platform and language-independent application programming interface that treats an HTML, XHTML, or XML document as a tree structure wherein each node is an object representing a part of the document. The objects can be manipulated programmatically and any visible changes occurring as a result may then be reflected […]

HTML Named Anchor Tags – for Internal Linking

HTML Named Anchor Tags – for Internal Linking

How to indent HTML tags in Notepad++

Use the XML Tools plugin for Notepad++ and then you can Auto-Indent the code with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B .For the more point-and-click inclined, you could also go to Plugins — — XML Tools — — Pretty Print.