Coding Fun Java Catching Zombies – Minecraft 1.14.3 Java – Basic Builds

Catching Zombies – Minecraft 1.14.3 Java – Basic Builds

Welcome to my Basic Builds series, where I show you how to make the most basic builds in Minecraft without using too many resources, complicated redstone or hard to get items.

This is all about how to catch and move zombies (and other mobs) around. Zombies are needed for 1.14.3 Iron farms and this is how you can get them!

Minecraft version: 1.14.3

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13 thoughts on “Catching Zombies – Minecraft 1.14.3 Java – Basic Builds”

  1. To anyone having issues getting the zombie in the composter: once you have the zombie in the cart on top of the composter, place a trapdoor above the zombies head on the top of the block. then break the cart

  2. Do you move the villagers in the same way, with the water elevator?

  3. J P says:

    Thank u sm for this I came from x farm

  4. n1w5u says:

    Its 1000x more harder to do in survival and when the water elevator doesnt work fyi

  5. Why use water to move the boat to the rail? Why not just lay rail up to the boat?

  6. Sylkos says:

    I have tested this on my single player world and it works just fine. Then when I try to move it over to my server the zombie tries to jump and gets stuck in the slab above its head with its feet on the composers edge. Any thoughts?

  7. Gubbo says:

    i tried to do this fucking thing 10 times and no one works. the zombie keep falling on the side of the composter. no at the middle. ten times i tried and never fall at the middle when i break de minecart. i just cant….

  8. Jet Ray says:

    Thank you so so much I've been struggling so hard and no one felt like splaining this

  9. Timothy Dike says:

    thank you, I get so sick of watching spawn egg videos assuming I already have experience trapping mobs.

  10. Chris Garcia says:

    Keep up w the videos man , very underrated

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