Coding Fun Java Carrot and Potato Crop Farm Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14

Carrot and Potato Crop Farm Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14

This is a brand new fully automatic crop farm for Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.3 or above. This farm is designed for carrots and potatoes but can also be used for bread and beetroot. This design is compact, simple to build and doesn’t require any redstone. It can be stacked to as high as you need to increase the output. In this tutorial we not only build the farm but also discuss in detail how villagers work and the schedule.

★ Block-by-block build Timestamp: 16:28
★ World Download:…

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47 thoughts on “Carrot and Potato Crop Farm Tutorial | Minecraft 1.14”

  1. Taeseth says:

    So it doesn't works in 1.14.2?

  2. NPC Pika says:

    Please, King Geek, answer the king nerd, me, about if this works on bedrock

  3. Michal Pták says:

    I like the explanations of all the single pieces this design is made of. For me it is as important as the build part. I like to understand what I am building. 🙂

  4. I don't know why but I kept thinking meet times was actually meat time. Looking forward to building this in a stable version of 1.14

  5. Nice! But I built it in a 1.14.3 (pre-1) creative world, and it worked beautifully at first, but now all my villagers have stopped farming, and gossiping and sharing, etc. No matter what time it is, they just stand and do nothing. I have some POI's underground at my breeder/trading hall, but I think they are far enough away, and like I said… It worked great for a while, but then just stopped.. ?

  6. this would have been perfect but the villager next to the bell just walks right out and doesnt get blocked by the trap door

  7. Does it work on console

  8. Thank you for this design! It's too bad the old designs broke.

  9. Run the seeds into composters and get free bonemeal too. Thanks!

  10. Nick Pekurny says:

    opens the chest

    me: ???

  11. Does this not work in java 1.14?

  12. EnotXXX says:

    will it word at 1.14.2?

  13. Chris Brown says:

    This farm works in 14.2, although I don't know the rates

  14. Lukas Kohler says:

    Does it work in 1.14.2?

  15. BB Gun says:

    Do you need chunk borders?

  16. Thanks for making this beautiful design! I'm looking forward to building it in 1.14.3!

  17. Rarti says:

    15:21 wait that's illegal

  18. Big Boy says:

    does it work on bedrock?

  19. This is great farm! But i have a question: Can we still harvest only wheat, not bread, in this version? In last versions we could fill villager´s inventory with seeds and he wouldn´t make bread. Still, Thanks for video!

  20. John Lessing says:

    Should've watched your video yesterday … well … now I know, that beds blow up in the nether :'D

  21. DuckSauce11 says:

    how do u get so many bells

  22. Can I build this in a village or does it need to be a certain amount of blocks away?

  23. Super cool design Logic! You thing perfectly and I understood it extremely well. Thanks for the video!

  24. MarkDown says:

    Nice and simple with explanations too.

  25. Frida G says:

    Will Glowstone blocks work instead of sea lanterns?

  26. Yes! Finally. The first 1.14 crop farm!!

  27. Bass Stuff says:

    I can’t wait for SciCraft to get a hold of this,

  28. The rates are surprisingly high! Good job!

  29. Does it work with 1.14.2?

  30. Adnine 87 says:

    Thank you very much nice farm

  31. will says:

    can you design one without the huge amount of bells? or one that’s most bell efficient? that many bells makes the farm useless for survival

  32. Thank you for explaining how ticks translate to hours of the day. I've heard so many people talking about time of day in terms of ticks and never really understood it until now.

  33. Man, i love your builds. Congrats

  34. DviiNe says:

    Anyone knows if this works on ps4?

  35. herbi says:

    11:30 WOW nice beatbox/scratch bro xD

  36. Aral says:

    Does it work in 1.14.2?

  37. lowendfreq says:

    Hi Logic, awesome video mate. Thank you.

  38. Vicious says:

    I have java and it’s still on 1.14.2?

  39. shrimp says:

    how do i get the villagers there without spawning them in?

  40. Quantum Sage says:

    AWESOME! your explanation was so on point! GG!

  41. Love all your videos that I've seen so far.

  42. Tomicstars says:

    Did anyone try if this works on the current version of Bedrock Edition?

  43. steven cook says:

    Does anyone know if this works for the Xbox One

  44. Murfer says:

    Give this man more subs

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