Coding Fun Html Building your Running Shoe Rotation: Tips and $$ Savings

Building your Running Shoe Rotation: Tips and $$ Savings

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• Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit:

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41 thoughts on “Building your Running Shoe Rotation: Tips and $$ Savings”

  1. I have my heavy new balance from big 5 literally for everything except track workouts

  2. Eric Higgins says:

    Big 5 sporting goods where I work is a good place. In store only, ask about clearance stuff. Older models from previous years. For example saucony guide 10 or iso1. Saucony ride 10 or iso1. Asics gt20006, or cumulus18. All would go on sale for 59.99. Most are clearance now for the same price. Use a coupon. The saucony ride iso is $40 sometimes on the the day deals.

  3. E MCINC says:

    Looking for a post by someone on this about picking up 4 pair of Mizuno’s on Amazon for 45 bucks. Just curious what model that was. Maybe the post was taken down.

  4. t says:

    Honestly I think leveraging an app like Strava to record miles on your shoes is simplest.

  5. Poppy Ozark says:

    I do better when I wear my Hoka Challengers whether on street or trail. Not sure why

  6. TriFHarder says:

    Interval Brooks Launch, everything else Pega35 currently. Being a triathlete i am also not running more than 3-4 times a week.

  7. Collin Wills says:

    Hey Seth, I loved the video! Do you have any recommendations for shoes that can double as a long run (up to 18-20) and mid-distance (6-10)? I don't have a ton of money so I would prefer something that is cheaper (or older versions) but can still last a lot of miles.

  8. Dustin Reed says:

    Thanks so much for this Seth! I found a great deal on a pair of stability trail shoes that are must for my rotation. I've been stuck doing a long runs on a treadmill a few times during this Michigan winter. Super excited to get the trail shoes and start pounding the powder.

  9. My process: Buy a pair of trail running shoes, run in them until they are worn out, buy another pair, repeat.

  10. Dude I need to catch up, that’s the shoedio now? Sexy 😎 excellent content as per usual 👍

  11. also for all the canadians looking for cheap shoes …… , not a huge selection but its always changing so keep an eye on it and you might just find what your looking for , especially as the new iterations are coming out . i got a pair of salomon sense ride just after the 2's came out for 90 bucks canadian , free shipping , just got a pair of speedgoat 3 water proof for 110! . they have all sorts of gear on there as well !

  12. im more focused on trails , so i start with a good trail shoe ,i also like longer runs on rough terrain with lots of vert .that roll is filled by my speed goats , since they have excellent traction, the stack to go the distance and are also soft enough for recovery days . second is a good road shoe for the nights where time is of the essence , back to liking distance , so i look for soft enough to support a coupe hours on the road but fast enough to let me put in the work, if you know what i mean . right now i actually do have a commuter shoe since i tried the terra kiger 5s , just to stray from the norm, thought they might be a faster short run option but i dont like the traction on our local mtn so they have fallen to the commuter to the local groomed lake trail

  13. QD: As a high school runner, I like to get a pair of nike pegasus's or another stylish shoe that I can wear to school and do mid distance and easy runs in. Then I would reccomend getting a daily trainer for putting a lot of your long run miles in(Clifton for me) And then I have a light weight, responsive trainer such as a kinvara that I can do tempos intervals and race on the roads in.

  14. I agree with the chart. I’ll try my best to add shoes where I truly have the fewest to meet a certain need. But these new racing shoes have me buying more than I need in that category lol

  15. QD: I buy shoes only when they’re on clearance. Besides the Vaporflys. No matter the amount of shoes I have I’ll get a pair when they hit clearance to save up, right now I’m going through a rotation of three shoes. Have a good one Seth!

  16. Long Trail Run up to 100 miles: Nike Wildhorse 5
    Trail Run up to 50 Miles: Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2 and Nike Terra Kiger 5
    Long Road Run: Hoka One One Carbon X
    Race Day Road up to Marathon: Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 and Hoka One One Carbon X
    Road Running up to 13.1: Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 and Skechers Razor 3

  17. Kevin Dieter says:

    Very helpful video. I’m looking to get my wife a new pair of road running shoes. She currently runs in the Brooks Ghost 12 and likes them for runs up to about 10 miles, then seems to want something with a bit more cushion. Any suggestions of shoes (similar to the Ghost?) that would be good for longer runs? Thx.

  18. Pers-Jam says:

    I'm pretty sure all the latest research says that overpronation shoes does more damage than good.

  19. My favourite trick is to repurpose shoes. So my long run shoes eventually become easy day shoes, and my race shoes become tempo/interval shoes once they have done a few races.

  20. AJ Lugo says:

    What was that shoe in the shot with three shoes with green and yellow lugs? 7:05, 7:10, 14:10

  21. Ian Ertel says:

    Just a warning about the Hoka Rincon, it's a great shoe for the first 100 miles and then the foam hardens up and takes a toll on your legs, and becomes quite unstable

  22. QD: Pretty much just get a lightweight trainer and then a faster/lighter shoe for workouts. Sometimes I’ll use my cross spikes for workouts. I used to only have one pair of shoes but the running store guy convinced my mom to get another pair of a different structure to prevent injury and so my shoes didn’t smell as bad. Also I don’t run in trails enough to warrant a designated trail shoe.

  23. wilson fisk says:

    I m mostly 400m runner and in winter we dont use spikes, I would probably need some shoes that are versitale for warmups , jumping gym etc (basic work) one faster for intervals and one for longer runs. Can you give me some recommendations?

    I currently have adidas solar boost for everything and nike zoom turbo for intervals and longer runs. They are more than a year old so time to get new ones

  24. ERIC COLLIS says:

    How do you rate the
    asics gel kayano 26 and the asics trubaco thanks

  25. aamz001 says:

    I have done today 44km in the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 and I still feel I can run tomorrow!!! Amazing shoes!!!

  26. Phase 1: One shoe for everything
    Phase 2: Spikes
    Phase 3: Flats/tempo shoes
    Phase 4: Recovery shoes

  27. Ben Bergan says:

    I know you aren’t a huge altra guy, but did you ever try the Vanish-R? A pure racing flat with a thin carbon plate. For me it’s been the perfect 5k and 10k race shoe.

  28. Anyone here have experience with both the adidas Boston's and Carbon Xs? Was curious how different they are in terms of firmness. Should say I'm a forefoot striker, and though I love the Bostons, feel they don't have a lot of boost in the area I'm usually landing, i.e. the front of the shoe. Its acutally been the source of some knee pain which is why I was thinking of switching to the Carbon Xs though I've heard they too are pretty firm..

  29. I like to build a rotation around different offsets (heel-to-toe drop). I like having zero drops, 4-6mm and 8-10mm. I group my tempo, threshold and race shoes together but like to have a different shoe for long runs and easy runs.
    For trail I just rotate between two shoes, but my road rotation is like 5-6 shoes.

  30. Diego D says:

    – 1 regular, midddle distance run that you can definitely use for everything
    – 2 recovery day shoe, height stack height, plush and easy on the legs
    -3 Long run shoe that’s super nice for those long miles
    -4 fast day shoe that you can use for workouts and races.
    — these are the fundamentals and everything else kinda is fluff but i think goes into these categories

  31. Tim Rush says:

    are you not a fan of brooks ghost, glycerine or adrenaline? too much drop?

  32. Inverted says:

    I literally use the same shoe for every run….

  33. Awesome and timely video Seth. I'm actually in the process of overhauling my running shoes collection for 2020. I am also into my 9th Day of my 15 Days Running Challenge here in Sunny Singapore (South East Asia) and it has been interesting and fun so far. Your video is just perfect timing for me personally. Keep up the great content SJD!!!

  34. I remember wearing the Nike Pegasus 3 or 4 back in 1987-88 HS XC. I wore the same pair for both practice & meets 😃

  35. Mike 361 says:

    Hey wanted to ask if you can do something on the alpha fly coming out ur work is incredible by the way

  36. Carbon plates in shoes lose most of their spring effect after 50 to 100k but you can still train in them, so potentially can be used for most runs

  37. Have you tried the HOKA EVO REHI yet? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it if it is in the pipeline coming soon?!?

  38. Steven Boyd says:

    Great video. I really wish you would test out the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy!

  39. Dan Chubb says:

    QD: currently using Brooks Ghost 11 for long runs. Nike Pegasus 35 for easy/steasy days and Adidas Adios 4 for races (up to 10k). I have Brooks Caldera3 for trails and Innov8 mudclaw 275 for XC. I am running my first marathon in April and debating whether to splash out on some Nike Next% or would another shoe (Boston 8 etc) be better value? Love the vlog. Dan.

  40. Eric Supan says:

    QD: I started running local 5Ks and my weekly mileage was only 5-10 miles a week so I mostly used one pair runs all mantra (Merrell Trail Gloves). Now I focus more on increasing my 5/10K speed and throw in half marathons. As I went along I filled in my shoes as follows:
    1st: Starter shoe (Merrell Trail Glove, it works for roads and well packed trails as well as not being too bulky)
    2nd: more cushy shoe for long/easy runs
    3rd: Faster lower weight, firm, responsive shoe for racing but not quite a true racing shoe
    4th: 2nd pair of cushy shoes to alternate long/easy shoes so they can dry after wet days or let the midsole recover
    5th: 5/10K racing shoes
    – 5b: Previous "faster" shoes now are my fun 5K and tempo day shoes
    – 5c: My starter shoes are now completely out of the rotation
    6th: (Maybe one day) Half/Full marathon racing shoes

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