Coding Fun Html Build your website with HTML & CSS

Build your website with HTML & CSS

Watch this workshop and explore the world of web development, where Boris Paillard, CEO at Le Wagon, will teach you to code and design your own landing page using HTML and CSS.

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Go further with Le Wagon and learn HTML, CSS, ruby, Rails, Javascript, Github, APIs and much more 🚀 during our 2 month full-time immersive bootcamp 👉

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37 thoughts on “Build your website with HTML & CSS”

  1. Salut
    Il y a tu quelqu'un dans le wagon pour m'indiquer un lien vers le même tutoriel mais en français
    Perlipopette !

  2. sir you are really awesome..excellent lecture…i love your video's….teaching is superbh..keep uploading some more video's for us..thank you sooooo much sir

  3. Best video I have ever seen to understand HTML and CSS! Obrigado

  4. Hello Boris. Thanks for such good tuts.
    Do you use either reset o normalize in your style.css?


  5. Jake Rommer says:

    This is the best video I have ever seen for starting to use and understand HTML and CSS! Thanks so much

  6. pumpfever says:

    instead of just div tags for the layout, html5 tags as <section><nav><header><footer><aside> etc… should be used to increase the accessibility of the site, no?

  7. Best video ever👌👌

  8. Igi Hara says:

    anyone knows how to turn this shortcuts in sublime 3??

  9. This guys is awesome!!!

  10. thomas petit says:

    Dommage de ne pas avoir un sous-titrage en français….

  11. You have given me more knowledge, Thanks.

  12. Cogitare says:

    Thanks for uploading! Very easy to understand and I was really enjoying it 🙂

  13. Uforo Etim says:


  14. MAX says:

    Very nice workshop. Precise, easy to understand. Thanks

  15. Ilia Babkin says:

    Great thank you from Russia!

  16. i like it. good explanation.

  17. Bravo Boris, merci beaucoup! vraiment la meilleure explication détaillé!

  18. best tutorial video I have come across on this topic…..clear and to the point …..keep it up !

  19. AjWise S says:

    I just watched this for the accent… way go pink panther

  20. Alex Machin says:

    I wish I could attend the sessions they look seriously fun.

  21. OMG Thank you with all my hearth, i can believe what ive done, your are the best Le wagon, all the good vibes for you, perfect, funny, AMAZING. A big hug from a Chilean Begginer "Web developer"

  22. efraimdeluxe says:

    Great video series, Boris – merci beaucoup mon ami!

  23. onekool Guy says:

    Great tut! better than most paid stuff

  24. I will Never stop learning..if gt a mentor like u.u teaches so good .

  25. Glen Donohue says:

    I was good until end when you were adding bootstrap missed the code. scripts was that not part of the follow along copy paste part I don't see it on template

  26. Thank you thank you thank you …Brilliant …

  27. Very nice, you explain very well and very easy method….
    Keep it up bro….. 😛
    God bless you..

  28. La meilleure vidéo pour tout débuter html et css que j'ai vu !

  29. Ansh Mehra says:

    best video ever! I love all your videos (I'm from New Delhi, India)

  30. Thank you very much for this great video. How can i have the same colors or the same theme ? please help if you can.

  31. It should start with <!DOCTYPE html> for HTML5 at 24:20 which is missing in your html file..Anyway, you are a very good teacher.Keep it UP!

  32. T Mc says:

    This is by far the BEST video about this topic that I've seen! Very straight to the point and helpful!

  33. T Mc says:

    EXCELLENT TEACHER! Thank you!!

  34. jasbir kaur says:

    Thank you very much! Great job!!

  35. Alex Machin says:

    Definately downloading bootstrap now

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