Coding Fun Mean Stack Build A Mean js App In 30 Minutes

Build A Mean js App In 30 Minutes

In this video we will create a MEAN stack application using the Mean.js generator. We’ll create a blog application with a complete user login and registration system, all in around 30 minutes. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express js, Angular and Node.js.

NOTE: When installing the lobal dependencies, it is actually “grunt-cli” not “grunt”

Code for this video –

Express Course -…

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33 thoughts on “Build A Mean js App In 30 Minutes”

  1. When installing the global dependencies, it is actually "grunt-cli" not "grunt"

  2. Adarsh vk says:

    Is there any generator of MEAN using Angular cli ?

  3. Sayajin says:

    what do you think about angular fullstack generator ? is it old ? thanks.

  4. Leo Tyndall says:

    Is it just me I cannot work it as it say starting ‘node —debug server.js’
    [DEP0062] DepreciationWarning: ‘node —debut and ‘node —debug-brk’ are invalid. Please use node —inspect or node —inspect-Brk instead

  5. Fathir Jhon says:

    when click signup there is error : http://localhost:3000/api/auth/signup 400 (Bad Request)

  6. I created a social-network with JavaScript.
    You can check it out here:
    Feedback will be appreciated!!

  7. Broskandar says:

    Can you please make a tutorial for something like in with the M.E.R.N. Stack (React instead of Angular)? I've looked everywhere and it doesn't exit yet. So, you'd have the first one and should get a decent amount of views too on top of helping beginners like myself. 🙂

  8. Thanks for informing a head of time that AngularJS is used rather than Angular 2 or 4.

  9. Awesome video on meanstack I really enjoyed following along with you! I have a strange issue however around the 15min mark of your video every change we made on the code isn't reflected in localhost. I don't have any errors in the log and my code matches yours but no changes past redoing the menu bar tabs. Any ideas what went wrong?

  10. any tutorial using MEAN.js?

  11. how i can edit user module and Admin module init help me please Sir Brad please ….

  12. Prathap Shet says:

    Hi Brad… Suppose I am sign up with multiple accounts with different names, e-mails … how can i find the list of accounts

  13. shivam deval says:

    [nodemon]app chrashed
    plz help me

  14. Ron Gilmour says:

    Looks like the Yeoman generator is no longer supported. Any thoughts on whether it's still safe to use for a new project?

  15. DumDumDev says:

    Do you have a course on making a chat app?

  16. PedroH Rique says:

    In the folder question i press dot as you said an does not do anything. Help me !

  17. Why Not Now? says:

    After I run grunt I keep getting:

    C:Program Filesnodejsnode.exe: Assertion `(err) == (0)' failed.
    [nodemon] app crashed – waiting for file changes before starting..

  18. Why Not Now? says:

    Why did you choose brower over yarn?

  19. Hey! Nice tutorial, btw! can you teach how to upload files and show it on dashboard in mean.js generator? Thill will be a great help to me. Thanks in advanced :). eagerly waiting for your reply

  20. Your videos have been of immense help to me. Can you give me a tip on how should with uploading files to meanjs?

  21. Any news on whether a Mean.js with Angular 2 is or will be made available? Cheers

  22. So is now mean actually using angular 2 or there are two different versions? As I see this is angular one, and u have another mean course with ng2.

  23. Hry brad good ..but how to upload image in article models …plz upload video on this…as soon as possible..

  24. Scott Korin says:

    24:58 using tags that represent styling (small) makes me sad. Content should be separated from style.

  25. As usual to you, always great tutorials;
    I followed every line of code, though i added charts to the nav;
    the problem is, on creating a post "category" is added whenever i create a new one or during edit, though the option does show in select!!

    I was wondering how do I add images to accompany posts?

    any help guys,
    my regards.

  26. great tutorial … i m done all code and it's running perfectly last night but how i m in again ?? in projects folder grunt commend cont work ? please help me

  27. CodeChamp says:

    hi i followed your tutorial first time , i run step by step all commands very well and all commands gave no error , but still i got nothing when i hit localhost on chrome …can you please explain it ?

  28. Anvar Azizov says:

    Thank you, pretty clean explanation.

  29. Thank you, very clever and simple example. Are you going to make some new videos with building Angular 2 apps?

  30. David Walker says:

    Good video. I especially appreciated that you did not remove the sections where you had an error. Seeing how you dealt with the errors was valuable information.

  31. zombiecarrot says:

    What a hot fucking mess this bundle is… no one should be using it!

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