Coding Fun Mean Stack MEAN Stack Transition to 0.4 – Part 2 MEAN Stack Transition to 0.4 – Part 2

In this video tutorial, we’ll take the app that we prepared as part of the 30 day mean stack app challenge, and move the customer module files across into the new 0.4 app structure.

We’ll transition the app across in four sections:

Part 2 – This Video:
Customers: Client Files
Customers: Server Files

We also explore the ui-router routes, and update the customer menu.

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2 thoughts on “ MEAN Stack Transition to 0.4 – Part 2”

  1. koby Wang says:

    Hi Shristi,Thank you for the great video first. but I do have a question to ask though.I cannot debug the project in webstorm 9.0.3 through the gulp debug task. Do you have any idea?
    It seems that WebStorm uses a random debug port to listening the debug info, how “node.exe -debug” set in nodemon task is by default listening on port 5858. Since they are not listening on a same port, the breakpoint set in WebStorm are never hit.Do you have any solution? Thanks.

  2. Rosco Codes says:

    Thanks Shristi!  My version of the app is all updated and working great.  I have found the new structure slightly easier to understand.  Great video.

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